Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Welcome 2014!

With new dreams & aspirations 2014 coming all way;
Swaying the tears & miseries away!
'14, yet a fresh page unturned unfold;
With new strength, lets see what the page holds!

'13 was a mixed taste of sugar & salt;
Lets take the best memories & keep aside the faults!
The waves & tides of '14 washes away '13 soon;
For '14 is a bud, yet to be bloomed!

Hope the budding year is full of challenges;
Bit more fun, strengthening yet adventurous!
For I never pray for an easy life;
Instead the strength to face the strife!

Let the brilliant thoughts knock my door;
So, I attain the might to write more & even more!
Let ’14 be a more sprightly & lively;
From this tangled chain, I wanna break free!

Be bestowed with more a good health;
For its an enormous treasure & the greatest wealth!
Much to learn from those mistakes of ’13;
And grow more richer & be ready for the battle unseen!

Let the pristine year bring you all joy & merry;
May grieves & sadness lay beyond, I plea!
Let this year bring you all smiles & cheers;
Wish you all a prosperous new year!!:) :)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I wanna land on Mars! :P

I wanna leave this materialistic earth;
For I find no more a mirth
For that doesn't mean I wanna die;
I wanna fly to mars with a great sigh!

For I am tangled in earthly world & earthly things;
Wanna mount, give me the golden wings!
Bless the red planet with water & air;
For I can grow some fruits & food I prepare!

Wanna hover, where green rivers flow;
Two moons above & the rocky ground below!
From high mountains to the deep valleys;
Breaking from this cobweb, I wanna flee!

Bid adieu to earth & land on mars;
Where still I see heavenly stars!
Where I see the storms of rustic dust;
And has many a craters thrust!

For all I need is, a piece of peace;
God will you bestow that planet for lease?
Bless me with the eagles wings;
I shall land on mars, with a great zing!!

Monday, 23 December 2013

I am ready for thee!

Worries, troubles filled with grief;
Can't I toss a & get some relief ?
My life, turning into an unsuccessful tale ?
Why is it going so pale ?

In quest for answers, for solutions;
I turn around, But find none !
Life tossed to hell;
No remedy; Though scream or yell !

Smiles frowned; tears dried !
Dreams all buried; hopes all died !
Two years back, Life was of pure bliss;
Those smiles, those days forever I miss ?

Questions unanswered, Decisions untaken;
Why my strength isn't awaken ?
Want to be lost, never found again !
Find no heal to my vain & pain !

But wait! Somewhere, I find an urge;
An urge to live, conquer this test & emerge !
Divine testing me, Life playing with me ?
Done ! I am ready for thee !

Only a month more??

Opened my eyes, only before nineteen;
A lot many entities I have never seen!
End of the world? Could it ever be?
Seems like, horror in twelve & comedy in thirteen!

Hopes, reveries, yet to come true;
If not all, I have faith, at least a few!
Yet to surf the oceans, not the ponds;
Always aim big, not the smalls!

Dreaming to live a contented life;
I am just an opening bud, don't want to die!
Yet a seed to germinate;
There are lots to manifest!

Yet to meet the love of my life;
Though unknown of whom, I've dreamt all my life;
I don't believe Mayan's words with might;
My life, only a month more? It can never be right !!!

Had Written on November 19th 2012 !

Saturday, 14 December 2013

If I die tomorrow!

If the sun doesn't rise for me tomorrow
Will you stand with a heavy heart with sorrow?
For my happy days on earth is over;
And heaven is pulling me closer!

Though how much you shed your tears;
And scream & yell, I will be no more to hear
For, you cover me with a bouquet & bunch of garlands;
I will be no more to smell their fragrance!

Though I 've cherished all through twenty years;
Will you speak to me in your prayers?
Tomorrow, when in coffin I lie
Will my today's memories make you cry?

If tomorrow, I bid a good - bye;
Will you really miss me or just a sigh?
Have I painted your hearts with my love, my smiles? So,
When I go away, in your arms will you hold a while?

Tomorrow when my soul, my body departs;
Will you cherish my art in your hearts?
When heaven calls me & there comes my time
Up in the sky, see me as a star that brightly shines!

My blessed last moments with you;
Will you treasure through or just shoo?
When I leave you all & bid adieu ;
Hope I will be safe in your hearts, for my love is true!

Forgive my sins & forget my faults;
The best memories with you, may never halt!
If tomorrow death arrives;
With you, within you, I always stay alive!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Love you forever!

Knocking the door of my heart;
You came into my life, like twilight
Making me drench, in the ocean of your love;
Made me free from tangled chain of plight!

Sorrows ails & grieves you took apart;
The one who is so much close to my heart!
Gave me warmth by your sacred love & tender care;
Kept me nested, when in despair

Words can never say how much I love you;
For my love is true & deep as an ocean blue
Your arms, is for what I only pray;
Where heaven lies washing all my pain away!

In my every breath I feel for you;
In every song I hear, I dream of us, of you;
I wish to live with you, where watching our love;
Even the moon & stars smile from above!

Like a divine in soul & a best friend for life;
Wish to live with you, my whole life!
For, I know you make all my dreams come true;
Sunshine, I wanna stay in your heart, as your lovely wife!!

An Unknown Love!

Though I've never seen you or met;
I lay on my bed half slept;
All because your dreams make home in my heart;
Though you are apart!

  Days and nights pass through;
But I can never stop thinking of you.
Reveries, desires are millions and tons;
The reason behind is only you one!

He, in golden words has written my fate;
You will be my strength, my Life mate.
Whoever and wherever are you;
I want to cherish with you!

Waiting for the day you hold my hand and swear;
That you hold me tight in your arms ever!
Like divine in soul and closest friend in life;
I wish to live with you my entire life!

Unrelated thoughts and sleepless nights;
I guess my dreams are right.
Don’t know how many of them I chase;
Who are you? Question still remains in its place!! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Breaking free!

Locked up in the mesh, in the cage;
Wings have broken since a many age.
Tangled in so many worries & unknown tensions;
It has turned to a life, without any intentions!

Why am I bounded like a prisoner without any crime?
Want to shout my heart loud & Wanna be me!
I don't wanna run a rat race. Never.
I wanna uncage myself, be free ever!

I wanna Sing aloud, stretch my arms & dance in rain;
With all my troubles buried & without any pain!
Wanna escape from such lifeless life & run wild;
Of so many useless things, I am relived!

Wanna detach, myself from all chains, I plea;
I wanna break free, I wanna be the real 'ME'!
I plead, I dream, I wanna live a lively life;
Where life is without any strife!

I wanna untie myself from hectic technical life;
Its as if the soul is dead & only the flesh alive!
Wanna express, live life to my heart's content;
For, the Inner voice has become mute & life has lost its scent!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Never give up on your dreams!

Never  be lost in a crowd;
For, if you want your success to sound loud!
Dream, dream a dream with might;
Work for the dream, though hard & tight!

Even if you come to the end of rope;
Never let your fear, conquer your hope!
Move forward, always stay strong;
Though each step goes wrong!!

In just three words, life sums up;
Whatever "Never Give Up"!
Impossible is only a word overheard;
With both failures & successes life is stirred!

Never feel low, when  people laugh on your dreams;
Take courage & let your dream gleam!
Life smacks you back & breaks you down;
Stay positive, soon you will be crowned!

When you don't dream life becomes lifeless;
And your breath, useless!
Dare to dream, dare to live;
Never give up, Dream a dream, Live a dream!!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thank you!

When I first stepped into this ISE family;
Met an adventurous teacher, known for creativity!
Always patient, polite & calm even in great stress;
Giving never less than the very best!!

Making every lab so creative & interesting;
Then, our favorite became the coding!
Not just teaching, those lessons from books;
But making gain knowledge, from every corner & nook!

Listening patiently & answering all our queries;
Only teacher, who understands our difficulties!
Always, strengthening us constant motivation;
Making us never lack innovation!

I know, I am never a perfect student;
But you are always a perfect & ideal teacher for me!
Humbly requesting, to teach us for next sem too
I am blessed to have a teacher like you!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Life is but an empty dream!

An empty life. An empty dream;
Life is but an empty dream!

Memories, happiness defined in the past;
Rhythm of life dwell ed in the past;
Is it only the memories that last?
Thus the tone of liveliness lost!

Has the petals of life faded beyond?
So that never regains the color & charm?
Why life is going so dull & pale?
Why life turning into an unsuccessful tale?

Neither a reason to live ;
Nor a reason to nourish;
Thus only need a heart to listen;
The ramblings of this rumbled soul!!

Greatest misery, my heart aches;
For those untold dreams & reveries left undone!
Soul cramps amidst the darkness;
Spark of life blew off, leaving the darkness caged!

Hopes & dreams shattered into pieces;
Breaking & making me distant from peace!
An empty life. An empty dream;
Life is but an empty dream!

Wrote this in less than 10 min during boring DE Lab!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

First Love!!

Sitting in the balcony, watching the serene rain;
Thinking of how lucky I was;
To meet such motivating, inspiring teacher!
Overwhelmed by spontaneous feelings;
Unsolicited thoughts;
Thinking of why couldn't I pen them down!
Flummoxed! Lo! The poem titled;
"Dedicated to my beloved teacher!"
Thus, journey of this soul towards 'First Love' embarked!!

The more I read, the more I wrote;
More I wrote, more I fell in love!
Drenched & yet so deep!

Thoughts opened up its wings;
Feelings were felt much deep;
Words began to express;
Finally, I found a heart, my first love <3;
Listened to all;
My ails, my grieves;
My happiness, my joys;
Untold fears,  my tears, unsaid feelings;
Never laughing on my insane dreams;
Crazy fantasies;
Yeah! With pen & a paper, a one way talk!
Thus this soul was given a 'Life'!

Life, began with words, words & more words!
So, here it is,
An amazing untold story of how my writing began!
I am drowned deeply in it!

My dear love;
Love the time I spend with you
Thanking you for everything;
I promise to leave you never;
You always reflect me, represent me;
Love you more & much more!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Write, Write & Always Write !!

Write on a summer hot;
Or on a winter cold;
On fragrant flowers in a pot;
Or on your story untold!

Write on those foggy clouds;
Or about the serene rain;
Write on any thoughts ploughed;
But never leave the page plain!

Write on your dreams of last night;
Or why your day is bright!
Write on why egg is white!
Or why dogs bite!

Write on why you love Twilight;
Or how couples end with fights!
Write on a flying kite;
Though schedule is pretty tight!

Write on a mosquito bite;
Or why the lamb is quite!
Let your pen flow right;
Write, write & always write!

As she walks down the aisle !!

As she walks down through the aisle;
Hesitantly see's everyone wearing a smile!
Dressed elegantly in pristine white;
Shimmering as Bella of 'Twilight'!

With lot many dreams in her eyes;
With hesitation & fear, she just cries!
Looks at her mother who held for nine months;
Who sacrificed all her happiness!

Looks at her father who taught her walk;
Only man who never hurts her!
Looks at her funny yet loving brother,
Only man who understands her!

Her sister who always fought;
Yet never had a single morsel without her!
Time to leave her family, depart;
Burried with emotions & deeply profound!

I can't write anymore!!

Starring at the blank paper;
Or an empty word pad;
Thoughts running so wild;
Yet I find no words to write!

Writing had always been my passion;
When none was there to hear me;
I spoke with words, 'cause;
My pen & paper, were always there for me!

My ails, my pleasures;
My pains & gains;
My insane dreams, my crazy fantasies;
My pen represented the real 'me'!!

I am scarred, my soul aches;
'Cause I cant express anymore!
Writing, expressing is not difficult but;
Not writing is rather too hard!

Why such thing is happening to me;
I'm in quest, in search;
I look around, but I find none!
Its like, I'm losing my best companion!!

Will I be able to gain my pal again?
No. I don't think I can write anymore!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Early Morning!

I love the glow of first morn;
The rays of Sun malleable & warm;
They gently caress my face;
I smile looking at it, with embrace!

Sound of chirping of birds on trees;
The welcome greetings of the buzzy bees;
Birds in air, fluttering their wings;
I love to hear their twitter & sing!

The pitter-patter of the drizzling rain;
Makes me forget my troubles & erase my pain!
Rustling of leaves for the whispers of cold breeze;
Makes me shiver & just freeze!

Its gracious being an early bird;
The happiness, joy has no words!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Life is all about...

Life is not about, riding in BMW, Yamaha or trendy bikes. It’s about, walking in a cold pleasant night, holding hand with your loved one, chatting, murmuring, whispering..

Life is not about, enjoying in Taj, or Five Star. It’s about, enjoying, laughing to heart's content in a simple college canteen, with all your friends, talking about all the matters in the world, even if it doesn’t bother none.. Yes, the joy you get here, will not get in any of the world's restaurants..

Life is not about, purchasing a luxurious, huge gift on your wife's birthday. It’s about, the way you hold her in your arms, that one passionate hug & a gentle kiss. The loving words you whisper into her heart, makes her feel so special..

Life is not about, having a sleep in an expensive bungalow. It’s about falling asleep in the arms of your loved ones..

Life is not about, saying someone, “You look elegant” when they wear a bridal dress. It’s about, saying those words, even when they are in the most simple ones..

Last but not the least; Life is not about, holding an umbrella in rain. It’s about pleasure of getting drenched in rain, the romantic odor of wet soil. Yeah! The heavenly feeling..

For me, life is completely not materialistic. It’s not about wealth, property, money or richness. It’s about friendship, love, family, trust, faith etc.. Enjoy simple things, it makes you feel peculiar & unique. Greatness always comes from simple little things..
Life is not only about earning money, wealth etc; on your final day, people praise, see only your good deeds. Neither your richness nor your ppt’s..

A Walk With Nature !!

Walking in Rain, without an umbrella , with stretched arms;
getting totally drenched is just an amazing feeling!!!
Yesterday's walk in Rain was so amazing! A long great walk with nature! I always loved and will always love nature so much!!!

From the early morning breeze to the luminous white full moon;
Calm of the earth;
Refreshing greenery;
Those dew drops on colorful flowers;
­­Cool climate
Makes me freeze!
Storm of the roaring wind;
Pitter patter of the serene rain!
Fragrance of wet soil;
Oh! I am in love with rain!
Then emerges, God's golden eye;
Glowing medallion in stretched sky;
Strikes the light through canopy!
Chirping of sweet birds;
Gliding through air!
Oh! The more I see you;
More I feel to walk with you!
And the more I fall in love with you!
Great nature lover, I must say!!

Just scribbled in just two minutes !!

Put on the new golden wings & fly high!

With new thoughts in your mind,

New dreams in your eyes,

New aspirations in your heart;

Make peace with your past &

Welcome new each morn;

For everyday is brand new & fresh!

If you have failed yesterday;

Take new courage & strength today!

For Its not a failure, when you fall down;

But its when you refuse to get up!

So, Don't quit in detest!

Put on the new golden wings & fly high!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Always stay strong!!

Sometimes, life puts you into hard tests;

Seek no answers, how hard you quest;

Dreams, violently shattered into pieces;

Yet, gather the courage, never let it cease!

Life puts into many hard hurdles;

'Cause pleasure is tasteless without troubles!

Sometimes, you need to stand in pouring rain;

'Cause, there's no gain, without pain!

Life is not about, how many years;

Its how you let go your fears!

So, when things go wrong;

Never lose hopes, always stay strong!!!

Poem on C!

Double, void, float, int & char;
Primary data types they are!
Pointers, structures & arrays;
Next data type, not a child's play!

Identifiers, user-defined variables;
Keywords, the compiler instructions!
Register, static, local & global;
Various storage classes available!

Entry controlled, for & while;
Exit controlled is a do-while!
Until, condition fails loop is repeated;
Thus expression evaluated!

Switch, else if & nested if condition;
Always Make a Multi - way selection!
Go-to, break, continue & return;
Branching statements unconditioned!

Function definition, body & declaration;
Elements of user - defined functions!

C, the successor of B language;
Widely used system programming language!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Uttarakhand Floods!!

Rain! Raucous rain, without a single stay;
Heavy storm & lightening blazing in the sky!
God! Please Show mercy on us;
You 've been pouring since Thursday!

Heavy rains in North trigger the islands;
Death taking toll to thousands;
Swirling waters swiped off;
Buildings, bridges & temples!

Vast wings of heavy waters;
Destroyed all homes & lives away!
Dark grey clouds; Stop roaring aloud!
Oh! Ganga & Yamuna have some mercy!

People in starvation & parched with thirst;
Waiting for a single morsel!
People in agony pain & vain;
Lamenting for their loved ones;
In at most fear & drenched with tears!
Himalayan shrines, bless us!!

Flash floods & heavy rain of stones;
Death, destruction & disaster;
Leaving a trail of devastation!!

First Love, First Sight !

Your first sight, makes home in my heart;
I don't get why are we apart
Your sight makes me smile, sometimes cry;
Neither get a clue, nor a sigh!

Every missing love song, I hear to;
I am apart from the world; thinking of you.
If those lyrics were chained for me;
How could it comprehend thee?

My heart pranks, I go insane;
All alone in drizzling rain!
Till bright Sun and rain together I see, I abide;
Mirage love, feels you are by my side!

At every breath, moment I feel you;
God decides am I made for you?
Never will my love, dreams decay;
Hold my hand forever, the only I say!!

School Life, I Always Miss!

Wearing those tiny shoes & socks;
A cute short little brown frock!
Waiting for intervals to open our box;
End up with silly fights & stupid talks!

Giving duty in assembly felt so great;
Princi's announcements,we'd always hate!
Remarks in calender when we were late;
Heavy bags, never made us stand straight!

Statues, bingos, name place animal thing;
In free class, we would always cling!
Kho-kho, stop & fish in the pond;
As if no other games, always fond!

Pin drop silence when Princi passes by;
Watching the color of her hair dye!
Candies, icecreams, gauvas after school;
Even when weather was freezing cool!

Being a monitor, meant very high;
An 'A' grade, always a sigh!
Without raincoats on rainy days;
Getting drenched in rain, always a craze!

Bruised elbows & bruised knees;
Would never leave us at ease!
Lucky when teacher left early;
But waiting for the bell at three thirty!

School life, was of pure bliss!
That contented, happy life for ever I miss !!

Inner v/s Outer Beauty!!


Camouflage of various creams, foundations, talcum powders, lip glosses, eye liners, mascaras, perfumes & what not!
In other words, wearing a mask!

Just by applying all these, do you think a person looks beautiful?
In my opinion, its obviously "NO!"
Then what is beauty all about?

Yes! Beauty are of two types. The inner & the outer.

Outer beauty of a person is characterized only by external features & physical appearances. Something stain-able & can be created within a short span of time.

While inner beauty is an experience, the beauty of the heart & soul, that cannot be seen only be felt. Its something which lies beneath the skin, untarnished, far beyond any physical appearances. The beauty that reflects your attitude, thoughts, mentality & expressions & characterized by mental & spiritual well being. Someone who has a beautiful soul, you can see it in the sparkle of their eyes! Inner beauty is a temple where the divine resides! Something whose image cannot be expressed.
Outer beauty lies in t-shirts & jeans you wear, while inner lies in the heart, rooted deep within!

But in today's modernized world, none is concerned about the inner beauty. People just want everything artificial & super fast. None worries about the beauty of heart & soul.

But one thing is sure, Might be outer beauty just attract the eyes, inner beauty captures heart. If only outer beauty attracts, then celebrities must have fantabulous life with best relationships. But they have the worst of all!

If you don't have beautiful eyes, then mascara & eye shadows are not the solutions! Wake up! Clean your heart & make your soul beautiful. Obviously then your eyes glow. Because
"Eyes are the index of soul!"
"Beauty is not in face, but its a light in heart!"
What is the use of having an elegant face with an ugly heart??

Dowry - The worst evil of Indian society !

With lot many dreams, thoughts in her eyes;
Joyously & shyly she smiles!
With all dreams of a good family,
Of being treated as princess;
Newly wed bride steps into the groom's home!

A week after, starts the real life of a woman!
Mother-in-law orders-"Get me the dowry"
Sister-in-law shouts, pushes her out!
With tears in her eyes she looks at husband;
He looks away, doesn't bother!
They scream, yell behave worse than an animal!

Days pass by, life into total mess!
She prays, she begs with heavy heart!
Not to beat her, harrass her!
For she could work somewhere & get the money!
She cries, laments, with lot of pain!

She doesn't want to ask her parents the 'dowry'!
'Cause they can't afford anymore
They themselves starve for one morsel of food
One sip of drink!

Wishes she wasn't born
Curses for being a girl
She finds none to share, none to care either
Not even her husband, her soul-mate;
Who once had promised
He would be with her through every thick & thin
Under the witness of fire!

She couldn't bare the pain anymore;
They neither leave her die nor be alive
Tears dried, Hopes all died
Only peace she could find was in 'death'!
Finally, she burns herself & breaths her last;
'Cause that was the only way to end her tragedy;
Her grieves, her sorrows & her pains!

Dunno still how many lives it takes
Of innocent girls
Who are just an opening bud
Yet to blossom, yet to conquer life
Shame on our Indian Society
Dowry - The worst evil of our society!

Happy Birthday Brother

More than bro, a very best friend;
Through thick & thin, till the end!
One who clears my pains & tears;
And always make me cheer!

First one, who comes to my mind;
When to tears, grief I'm inclined!
Someone, who silently care;
Never hesitate anything to share!

Holds my hand throughout my life;
More tighter, when in strife!
Though not a child of my mother;
Blessed to get you as my brother!

Only with you, I am so stupid & silly;
Quarreling with you, is too lovely!
Though I know, I adore you!
Swear, I'l never stop fighting with you!

Ails & grieves may never come near;
Want you to stay happy now & ever!
Let all woes & worries stay at bay;
This will be my prayer today!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Trust Me please..

You trusted me, I broke it;
You believed me, but I stomp it!
I tore your heart into pieces apart;
Yeah! I know I'm a culprit!

I know you wont trust me from now;
But at least believe me now;
It wasn't Intentionally or purposely;
Even I'm hurt how awfully!

When I'm asking sorry, begging forgiveness;
You said me, I was overacting as if an actress!
Yeah! My heart,pulling & aching with guilt;
Coz I've broken trust that can't be rebuilt!

Feeling to cut my tongue & unlock my memory;
On myself I was angry & achy!
You see me, as an unreliable babbler;
How can you realize, even I'm hurt to the core?

Cried! Until my throat parched & tears dried;
Neither a wink of sleep nor a sigh!!
I only ask you to believe me;
Cos I don't want to lose a gem like you!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Girl Who Writes ..

A girl who writes, often spends money on her books rather than looks or clothes. All she needs is only a pen & a paper. You can often find her in parks, seas, watching the beautiful sky, with her mp3 or simply in silence..

She is not materialistic. All, She needs is a rich heart. Doesn't really bother for outer looks, worldly things, but for the inner - contentment. She doesn't go for money, but for love, friendship, trust, faith .. 

She writes when she is happy, sad, angry or alone. She creates a beautiful world, than you have ever imagined. She imagines, she dreams. She doesn't make you feel bored, because everyday, she fascinates you with new dreams, new life, love you even more. She is emotional, sensitive to human intuitions & can understand you better than you understand yourself.. Most of all, she never leaves you, even if you do ..!!

The greatest pleasure is when you read her writings..

Date a girl who writes;
Make her your wife;
Look, how unique & amazing will be your Life ..!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dowry - The worst evil of Indian society!

With lot many dreams, thoughts in her eyes;
Joyously & shyly she smiles!
With all dreams of a good family,
Of being treated as princess;
Newly wed bride steps into the groom's home!

 A week after, starts the real life of a woman!
Mother-in-law orders-"Get me the dowry"
Sister-in-law shouts, pushes her out!
With tears in her eyes she looks at husband;
He looks away, doesn't bother!
They scream, yell behave worse than an animal!

Days pass by, life into total mess!
She prays, she begs with heavy heart!
Not to beat her, harass her!
For she could work somewhere & get the money!
She cries, laments, with lot of pain!

She doesn't want to ask her parents the 'dowry'!
'Cause they can't afford anymore!
They themselves starve for one morsel of food;
One sip of drink!

Wishes she wasn't born!
Curses for being a girl!
She finds none to share, none to care either!
Not even her husband, her soul-mate;
Who once had promised;
He would be with her through every thick & thin!
Under the witness of fire!

She couldn't bare the pain anymore;
They neither leave her die nor be alive!
Tears dried, Hopes all died!
Only peace she could find was in 'death'!
Finally, she burns herself & breaths her last;
'Cause that was the only way to end her tragedy;
Her grieves, her sorrows & her pains!

Dunno still how many lives it takes;
Of innocent girls!
Who are just an opening bud;
Yet to blossom, yet to conquer life!
Shame on our Indian Society;
Dowry - The worst evil of our society!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Why do I write ?

I dream, I write;
Of both black & white!
Write when I'm tensed, depressed;
Want to be shared & expressed!
Write in vain, to erase my pain;
Under the sun & in rain!
Write when I'm glad & joyful;
It makes me, a more cheerful!
Write about dreams & fantasies;
To escape from realities!
When my thoughts are locked, I unlock;
With paper & pen, its a one-way talk!!

Yes. Writing has always been my passion. I write about anything & everything! Some poets, write for thier love, sweethearts, some write hymns in praise of the creator, some write for fun!
But when you ask me "Why I do write?"

The answer to it is none of the above!

Yes. I write to express my hidden desires, dreams & wishes. I write, because I want to unlock a number of thoughts lingering in my mind, share it, reveal it. I write because through my writings, one can discover the real 'me'. More of all, I want to explore, discover myself even more. I write about the fantasies, the life, I am dreaming to live.

I write to express my pain, my grief! I pen down, the scars of this lamented soul. I always believed that writing enhances emotions, makes you stronger & bold. It makes me, more sensitive to human intuitions & thus make me a better human! Write for the inner-contentment.
I write poems to touch someone’s heart, heal someone’s soul.

In life, sometimes people change, times change, but memories doesn’t!
I write to picturise my happiest, unhappiest, funniest & most unforgetable moments in my words. Sometimes words are not just words, they are mightiest. Today, when I look back at my old poems, one unique thing I realize is: They make me smile when I’m sad. Sometimes bring tears when I’m in smile. The true power of a pen! I want to paint my life, with words, strongly believe words brings colours to my life.

Finally, I write because I love to write! I can never imagine my life, without it! Aspiring to become a writer. Hope to write even more!

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Friday, 26 April 2013

I Never Forget ..

I couldn't feel the bitter cold;
For I was wrapped, by your warm soul !
You held me for hours that night;
Everything, wiped out of my sight !

I gazed, I dived into your brown-eyes;
Felt, that's where the heaven lies !
Listened to the rhythm of your beat;
I was locked, complete & neat !

Lo ! Felt someone, shaking, trembling me;
The ceiling fan & roof I could see;
I then realized, it was merely a dream;
Silly & strange it may seem !

Was it just a dream ? I regret !
Though a wonderful one, I never forget !

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tears Of The Lamented Soul !!

When I wrote my first poem, I showed;
How pleasantly you smiled, you laughed;
39 poems before, I never had imagined;
Fate would make me write;
A poem here, on your death !

Smiles frowned, tears dried;
Skies turned grey; days melt so fast;
One year passed, like no time;
Still & always in your memories;
Under grief & vain !

Unconscious, my eyes grow moist;
When I glance my contacts;
The pink dress you lovingly presented;
Your pics, words now make me cry;
Something empty in my family, my life !

I was in quest, Where were you?
At my bro's wedding, I waited so long;
I called, I cried, my throat parched!
Unavailing, went in vain;
Then, I conceived you hid among those stars !

Why have you gone far away;
Behind those clouds, among the stars;
When we love you so much?
Now, my keyboard is drenched with tears;
Tears of the lamented soul !