Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thank you!

When I first stepped into this ISE family;
Met an adventurous teacher, known for creativity!
Always patient, polite & calm even in great stress;
Giving never less than the very best!!

Making every lab so creative & interesting;
Then, our favorite became the coding!
Not just teaching, those lessons from books;
But making gain knowledge, from every corner & nook!

Listening patiently & answering all our queries;
Only teacher, who understands our difficulties!
Always, strengthening us constant motivation;
Making us never lack innovation!

I know, I am never a perfect student;
But you are always a perfect & ideal teacher for me!
Humbly requesting, to teach us for next sem too
I am blessed to have a teacher like you!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Life is but an empty dream!

An empty life. An empty dream;
Life is but an empty dream!

Memories, happiness defined in the past;
Rhythm of life dwell ed in the past;
Is it only the memories that last?
Thus the tone of liveliness lost!

Has the petals of life faded beyond?
So that never regains the color & charm?
Why life is going so dull & pale?
Why life turning into an unsuccessful tale?

Neither a reason to live ;
Nor a reason to nourish;
Thus only need a heart to listen;
The ramblings of this rumbled soul!!

Greatest misery, my heart aches;
For those untold dreams & reveries left undone!
Soul cramps amidst the darkness;
Spark of life blew off, leaving the darkness caged!

Hopes & dreams shattered into pieces;
Breaking & making me distant from peace!
An empty life. An empty dream;
Life is but an empty dream!

Wrote this in less than 10 min during boring DE Lab!