Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Save our Mother Earth!

Dear mankind, long before your birth
Alluring was the beauty of Mother earth
Now you are polluting her, letting her die
She's in grief, in agony, can't you hear her cry?

Desertification, contamination say no to this play
The change needs to start since TODAY
You need to thank her with gratitude
But, Killing your own mother? How can you be so cruel & rude?

Waste, smog, pollution & the smoke
Wake up folk, this is no more a bare joke
Stop trashing wastes, chemicals & non-bio into rivers
Cease killing forests for resorts, stop being more sinners!

Save energy, turn off the lights when no need
Satisfy your needs but not your greed
Try to plant a seed on your every birthday
Its only you who will enjoy fresh air & a happy stay!

Avoid the emission of carbon-di-oxide, CFC
To reduce ozone depletion you see
Say NO to the use of non-degradable plastics
Put on your hands to make earth organic!

Plant more sampling encourage afforestation
Bring an end to Deforestation, contamination
Drive less, use public conveyance & walk more
A kind deed to help beauty of the earth restore!

After all, earth is our only home
Stand up! Save her before she turns into a tombstone
Realize, earth can live without humans
But humans living without earth, is only an illusion!

This post is written for Poetry Jam for the prompt "How to"- and I made a small attempt  to write on "How to save mother Earth!"

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I, me, myself!

I am that girl with a million insane dreams
With agony, my heart gives a loud scream
A crazy girl who jumps on nature green & rain
Finds a  great joy in blood & every vein!

One who tries, tries my best to stay strong
Even when every single thing is going wrong
With no care, sometimes I stay over cool
But at times I turn into an emotional fool

Many a times, the one who easily gets hurt
Sometimes, I seek no strength I keep inert
One who finds happiness in every little thing
The sunrise, sunset Oh! what a joy it brings!

One who hates lies, cheat & deceit
Loyalty, love & respect, the only I greet
Never jump on wealth, power or money
Instead love, friends & something that's funny!

One who forgives but never forgets
Yell when angry and then regret
For I know, I am no perfect
But people who love me, they always accept!

No matter what people speak, I love myself
Cos, I am always me, myself!

This post is written for Poetry Jam for the prompt "Identity"

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I wish to live where..

I wish to live, by mountains —near the river  
Murmuring lowly, feeling the utmost pleasure
Where I could breathe the scent of cold fresh air
Stretch my arms & dance happily, with no care

Where the sun smiles through canopy
As I lie down on green carpet in harmony
Watch the calm serene waves by my door
Mountains, sea & the legend beauty I adore

Where the evening cold breeze lifts my soul
Water kisses the land, a beautiful shore
Watch the foggy clouds through window pane
I stretch out & feel every drop of rain

At night, watch the moon coming up the sky
Count the shimmering stars as they raise high
Fall asleep under the green dark silhouette of trees
Each day, tweet of the birds would wake me

I wish to dance merrily under moonlight night
Where clouds break forth every stream of light
Dance & listen to genuine music of nature
No other great joy, being with Creator!

I wish one day, I move to such heaven
Away from this worldly world, my pains lessen
Divine beauty of nature always mesmerize me
I wish to live in Her, I wanna flee!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Be yourself!

Why to walk in someone else's shoes
And lead a life of two's of no use?
Why do you hide your best self with a mask?
Only because fools speak behind your back?

Be the best of best who you always wanna be
Not the one who people wanna see!
For every human is perfectly imperfect
Let it be if none accepts your architect

Life is yours it belongs to none but you
Why to walk in a path that doesn't belong to you?
Be comfortable & the best in your own skin
The most beautiful thing that lies within

Why to hide yourself in a closet shelf
Be true to yourself & let the mask expel
One who truely loves you, never see your scars
Instead they love you for what you are!

You own something precious that others don't
Its no better to walk in a crowd when you can alone
Why to fool yourself and walk around
When you are already profound?

Whatever you do, people have something to say
Never care, why do you weigh?
Its your life, be the best each single day
No matter come what may!

Isn't it foolish to follow a nerdy herd
When you can open up your wings as a free bird?
So, sing loud & let your soul sing
Be yourself & let the false face fling!