Saturday, 26 December 2015

My secret wishlist for Santa

Christmas always reminds me of the gifts, sweets, celebrations, carols and of course the Santa. As I have done 10 years of my schooling from Convent School, I now miss celebrating Christmas.  This feast always reminds me of my school days which were the golden days of my life. I miss every bit and I secretly wish I could go back to those days.

It is my all time dream to live in an Island  away from the worldly world. I want to live with Mother Nature among the trees, creepers, the chirping birds and the flowing waters. I want to build a home in an island and a small hut would also suffice! Aaah.. that awesome life among the greenery! That life where I can get drenched all day in the rain, a peaceful sleep  among the woods, the wind in my hair, the morning breeze almost freezing me and I sit with a hot cup of smoking coffee watching the scenic beauty! Yes, I am indeed a great lover of nature. So, dear Santa I want you to gift me a hut in a small Island!

Next, being a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, it has been my dream to have a special dinner with Dr. Sheldon Cooper aka Jim Parsons! I know you will laugh at this weird wish of mine, but it’s all right and I really want to. So, please give me an opportunity for the same. His smartness simply kills me! And yes he always cheers me up, every single time!

Next, this wish isn’t for me but for a few people on this earth. Now I want you to feed their brains with a little bit of knowledge that we all are Indians and humanity is the only religion. It’s so humiliating when these people differentiate on the basis of caste, creed, region and language. Please, I just want you to break these walls. Just provide them with a little common sense that nothing is greater than love and we all are Indians irrespective of these barriers. Inject this thought and make them more broad minded!

Although you might feel these wishes of mine are frivolous but whom else do I have to ask other than you?  Having revealed my secret wishes to you now Santa, you might ask me if I am crazy and yes of course I am. And you think I would say- “No! I am not crazy. My mother had me tested!” ?  :P
Now that I know I am a grown up but there are some things which really don’t change!
See, when I was a child I would ask you to give me chocolates and sweets but now that I am grown up, I am demanding more! :P 

P.S: I have many more cute secret wishes like these but I want to keep them a secret for the following years to come! :P 

Dashing through the snow,
In a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
Laughing all the way.
Bells on bob tail ring
Making spirits bright,
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight.

Oh jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!
Oh what fun
it is to ride,
In a one horse open sleigh, Hey!
Jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride,
In a one horse open sleigh!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance! And now it is your turn to prepare your wish list for Santa!

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Monday, 30 November 2015

Hubballi- My home city

Hubli officially known as Hubballi is a city in the state of Karnataka. The name ‘Hubballi’ in Kannada literally means "Flowering creeper".

Hubli along with its twin city Dharwad, is the second largest city in Karnataka next to Bangalore with a number of emerging IT industries. This quickest developing city is also an educational, commercial and business hub of North Karnataka. Not to forget the city has various classy malls, KFC’s, Cinepolis, Dominos, McDonalds’, Pubs, lounges and best five star hotels and luxurious restaurants. This developing city under a smart city plan is soon going to be no less than Bangalore. 

Getting here:

Hubli Airport operated by Airports Authority of India serves the twin cities of Hubli- Dharwad. The airport is located at Gokul Road, Hubli. Being a significant city for Indian Railways, Hubli Railway junction is a major junction in North Karnataka. A good number of superfast express trains as well as express trains pursue amid Hubli and Bangalore on all days of the week. Being the busiest junction of the state next to the capital it connects the major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Tirupati, Solapur, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore and the like. Retiring rooms, tea stalls, ATM facilities, parking facilities and best restaurants are the major attractions. In addition to fresh south Indian foods, you may also enjoy North Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines at these food outlets. Hubli lies on “Golden Quadrilateral”. It is around 7 hours from Bangalore via NH40 roads by bus where you can enjoy the scenic beauty all along your way.

Places to visit:

      Moorusavira Mutt, Hubballi- The Mutt, being located in the heart of the city is one of the ancient Mutt, built in 12th century during Shri Basavanna’s period. During Kalyana Kranthi or Kalyana Revolution moment, it is said that Basavanna along with his 3000 followers visited and resided here in this Mutt. Hence the name Moorusavira which in Kannada means 3000. Thousands of devotees from various places and nearby towns visit here during jathra celebrations. 

    The Unkal lake, Hubballi- If you are a nature lover, then this place is definitely for you! A refreshing place to visit and release your stress and burdens. The statue of Swami Vivekananda in the middle of the lake and the boating facility are a prime attraction.

    Nrupatung Betta- Being around 6 km away from the city, it is the highest view point of the twin cities. Again, if you love to spend some time with nature with your friends and family, then this place is all for you. The place also has a scenic beauty and provides an extensive view of the city.

    Gangubai Hangal Memorial Musical Museum-  Gangubai Hangal was a famous singer of Hindustani classical music from  Hubli-Dharwad. Her home in Hubli where she spent her childhood has been turned into a beautiful museum which is one of the famous spot that attracts music lovers.

    Other magnificent places which attract tourists are the ISCKON temple and ISCKON Akshaya Patra, Siddharoodh Mutt, Indira Gandhi Glass House and the Chandramouleshwara temple built by Chalukya dynasty. 
ISKCON temple, Rayapur, Hubli
Unkal lake, Hubli

Getting around:

The best way to get around the city is by hiring a taxi or by local buses. There are a good number of intercity buses as well as Hubli- Dharwad buses lingering around. As this city is well maintained there’s no need to worry about the driving. Since the city is all time crowded you may need a little more time to reach your destination. 

If you visit Hubli, then never miss to have its delicious traditional food-  Jowar and ragi roti, shenga (groundnut) chatni, curd, chilly chatni, badanekayi enegayi, hittina palya, butti (curd rice) and raw onion rings!

Traditional cuisine 

I was born and bought up here in this beautiful city and it has been more than 21 years I am residing and I love my place more than anyone else does! 

This post is written for #madeof great Zonal War organized by Tata Motors. And I am representing the South zone! 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4g- The best network ever

Internet has become the lifeline of every individual. It has almost become the most basic necessity of every human. And if you desire speed, then I must say, Airtel 4g is just for you. Airtel 4g is the first telecom operator to introduce 4g services in 296 cities across the nation. With this unbelievable speed, all your tasks happen in no time.

Downloading  videos-  In this era of technology and modernity, we all want things to happen in no time and I am no different.  The first thing I shall do, is downloading videos. Watching the old Bollywood has always been my passion, be it the songs, videos or a movie; I just love them.  But you know because of slow internet, I never could. Now it is time to enjoy videos without any buffering. With the download speed of 42 Mbps, imagine you can download your favorite movie of say around 800 MB in less than 3 minutes. So, watching videos with 4g service is going to be a great fun. And for all cricket lovers over there, it’s surely a blessing in disguise; watching the live stream could surely be a cakewalk!

Social media- With the advancement in technology a man is in Stone Age, if he’s not on social Medias. Be it any media, we all want to be connected to the outside world in one or the other way and Airtel 4g makes it much simpler. We all love to stay in touch with our friends, relatives or colleague. Don’t we? So, no one likes to be interrupted when you are chatting with your friends. You don’t like to be disturbed because of slow internet especially when you are chatting after a long time. So, now you can text or Whatsapp your friends and the texting goes on smoothly without any hassle. Trust me; even skyping becomes a piece of cake with 4g service!

Online transactions- If you make financial transactions online, then you must go for this. To make your online transactions faster and safer, undoubtedly you need a good internet connection. You don’t like to be struck in the middle of transactions. And Airtel 4g cuts the mustard again.

 Airtel being the first service provider in India to upgrade from 3g to 4g, it’s obvious it has got a feather in its cap. And yes, it’s remarkably the best thing in sliced bread. So, Airtel 4g makes your life easier, simpler and more interesting. And the best part is existing 3g users will get improved speed, free Sim and free delivery without spending a penny. Isn’t it amazing?

For more information visit . So, what are you waiting for? Update to the fastest internet plan available in India.

The ball is in your court and it’s up to you, you make the best of both worlds! 

Monday, 27 July 2015

I miss you, friend

I feel like ages since I have met you all
I do nothing rather stare at a wall
I miss our silly fights and stupid talks
They make me cry, they make me laugh

Those beautiful moments of life we shared
The way in which we cared
I long for those days of pure fun and bliss
The more I remember the more I miss

I crave for those times back in life
Because without you, I can no more suffice
A strange hollowness in my life, it has turned so void
Were those my last days I really enjoyed?

I say, I am blessed to have a friend like you
Whose friendship is kind, gentle, pure and so true!
If someone asks me the best two I knew
Without a clue I would just say you! 

Within my book of memories your page, I cannot turn
Because those are the days I always yearn
I realize, you stay a thousand miles apart
But you always remain as a true friend in my heart!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC Cricket- Surf it all! Surf it fast!

In India, cricket isn't just a game. It is a genuine and a legitimate religion. In a nation that is divided by numerous castes, creeds, religions, languages, food and many more, cricket has succeeded in holding its folks together. One single sport connecting billions of people together. No matter what religion we follow, what food we eat, what language we speak we all celebrate the victory together as a grand festival. Again, no matter what religion you follow and what is your social status when it comes to cricket, we all are Indians.
You can find children playing in every nook and corner of the nation. Well, people here don't really need standard pitches to play cricket. Be it even on streets, roads, open grounds they are there! Nothing unites this country as cricket does!
And need I say that proud feeling when India beats Pakistan? The great joy and patriotism flows in the veins of every Indian. And every Indian teenage boy dreams of being a cricket hero and a girl dreams of such heroes!

Regardless of World Cup, ODI series, T-20, IPL Test cricket, everyone is glued to their TV's or YouTube screens. No matter how much work we have, we finish them  as early as possible or we take an off and honestly speaking a sick leave. Every second fellow including your boss falls ill on that day! :P Its obviously, the cricket fever and latest live updates are the only cure! Circuitously or directly, this God of sports is definitely giving a reason to rejoice, a reason to celebrate and increasing the bonding between family, friends and colleagues. Doesn't matter if we don't win, watching cricket itself is a bliss of celebration.

Go to office or college and still track the updates of match? Yes! Nothing is impossible in this era of technology. Although we have n number of websites and apps the reason I chose UC Browser is because of the following reasons:
1. I usually catch match updates on browser. Even though I have full speed internet, many a times I get struck missing the live scores. But now, UC Browser comes to my aid. It is super fast with a very friendly user interface. Any person or even a kid who knows ABC of using gadgets can use it with ease.
2. It is available on all platforms and best suits Android.
3. Agog to know about the scores the two countries made some decades ago? Yes! Again, you can! The best part of UC cricket is - It gives you the history. One click on History option, and there you go!
4. Busy? Caught up with something? Need not worry. A single click on the yellow bell beside your favorite match and you shall get a notification just before the match commences. Isn't it really amazing?
5. The comment section allows you to share your opinions and read other's views too. Smileys speak louder than words. Isn't it? ;) You can also use emoticons to make your words sound louder.

Live updates, videos, history, notifications, comments and it has made every possible way to get you connected to your first love- cricket. Once you start using UC Cricket, I am sure you will fall in love with it.  Now you can enjoy cricket relaxing on your couch and sipping your hot smoking coffee!

You can download UC Cricket and UC Browser and enjoy!!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Best from

As I was browsing internet, I came across an article related to stress relief from and I found it very useful. The article explains seven simple stress busters to save your sanity.  Everywhere you look, people no matter the older ones or teenagers every one is stressed out. This article talks about stress bursting techniques and how it can help you tame your stress. While sometimes, stress can be a positive driving force, unfortunately, most of the times it has a negative impact.

Go for a walk- Yes! you need to get some fresh air which automatically reduces your stress and brings a warm smile on your face. Go to a park and spend some time. Nature can do wonders! Taking a deep breath or precisely called diaphragmatic exercises, deep muscle relaxation, can help reduce it.
If you remember, India is where Yoga and meditation have taken their birth. And recently we have celebrated International Yoga Day too. Yoga and meditation aren't only the best stress busters but they also make your life happier and much healthier. A path to enlightenment. So, set aside a time every day to work on relaxation.
I would like to re-quote the quote and say- A laughter a day, keeps the doctor away. Smile and laugh often and harness the powerful benefits of humor. Keep a smile on your face and drive your stress a miles away.
Talk to your buddies or colleagues. Time with best ones is undoubtedly the best time. It changes your mood and helps you stay positive. Friends are always there to cheer you up, no matter what. Even the worst day, turns to your best!
The 'me' time- Now this has to be number one on your list. Do a thing or two that makes you happy. May be a walk with mother nature, or doing your favorite things. Be it Painting, writing, reading, craft, listening to music or anything that pleases you. You owe it to yourself!
Playing games- Not the corporate ones, but the fun ones. Gather all your friends or family and play something that's fun and visit your childhood!
Writing down- Now, there may be times where you just want to be alone. Go grab a pen and start writing. Write whatever comes to your mind. It need not be gramatically correct. After all no one is going to read that except you.
So the article talks about the tips I have mentioned above. I would recommend to go through this
article here.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Family Bonding!

Writing has always been my passion ever since I know. And along with the passion for writing comes reading too. I love reading, be it a novel, a poetry, a story or even a small piece of article. I was just visiting and in family section, I came across an article on Family Bonding and I loved reading the tips to increase family bonding. I thought of writing an article on the same.

Family time is always the BEST time. In today's generation, every family is busy. Most of the families have both parent working, what a family means and the concept of spending quality time as a family has been thrown out of the window.

Family doesn't mean a group of individuals living together under the same roof but who are connected together and share their thick and thin. Having an emotional relationship with your family members is more important. No matter how busy schedule you have, family should always be your first priority to keep your family a happy family!  Spending more time together and engaging in leisure activities makes your family bond grow more healthier. Even a small activity like playing with your kids, helping them in their homework, reading stories to each other have a great impact on the 'health' of the family.

You need to take out the quality time from your busy schedule to ask what each one of us has done in the day and show interest in each other lives. To show appreciation, affection and encouragement to kids is very important. If children aren't taught at home, then they shall learn no where. That's why it is said: "Home is the first school and Mom is thy first teacher". Children must be taught values and important lessons of life. If parents don't, who else will?

According to studies, kids who spend quality time with parents, are likely to do much better in their academics and show less behavioral problems. Yes! Its because they need your love, a sense of belonging, a sense of warmth and want to feel secured.

Communication is the key to all problems! So talk and listen as much as you can.  Especially when it comes to kids in their teen-ages, you need to be their friend and they expect a couple of advice from a caring parent. A conversation with parents become more important at this stage.

It s said, Family that plays together-stays together. While that's certainly true, there's another thing today's families are missing. Yes! You got it right. Its the family dinner. Again when it comes to dining together it isn't grabbing something and eating in silence or each one busy indulged in social medias. Its absolutely not about family dinner- but its the time together. Family time around the table benefits every member and allow the bond to strengthen and flourish.

Children grow up before you realize, so try to spend time as much as you can. After all, you have got a lifetime to work, but kids are young only once! Family is where roots take hold and from there we grow. Family is not an important thing, its just EVERYTHING!
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Friday, 12 June 2015

Come closer to healthier skin

Now a days, with increasing pollution and changing lifestyle acne and other skin problems have become too common. In accordance to it, there are innumerable creams, gels and ointments rising over there. We see a number of Adds on TV where glamorous actors and actresses wave a good-bye to pimples in no time. But I really wonder if they do give a permanent cure. 

If you remember, India is a country where Ayurveda has taken its birth. Though it may not give a quick cure like English or western medicines, the best part is it doesn't harm your skin.  The importance and use of Ayurveda and herbal medicines is not much known to present generations. But in olden era, people used to rely on them and they did get a sound cure.  

Every teen faces skin problems at some point of time. Now, if you are sick of looking at the mirror and seeing pimples all over your charming face or if you're fed up of any other skin problems, here are some herbal remedies you could follow easily:

1. Drinking plenty of water is good for health and so the skin. Drinking enough water every day will keep your skin hydrated, clean, removes out lingering toxins and thus improve your skin health. 

2. Turmeric is a well known spice used in most of the Indian recipes as well as herbal remedies. It can be an amazing treatment for stretch marks, pimples, blackheads and make your skin radiant. Now, you can enhance turmeric with other ingredients at your kitchen and give your skin a glamorous look! Turmeric and lemon juice face pack can do it well.

3. Aloe Vera is considered a miracle plant. It contains nutrients which has a tangible impact on skin and hair health.  Eating Aloe Vera or drinking its juice early in the morning in empty stomach has an incredible effect. Within a week, you can see your skin glow and a glowing skin resembles good skin health. It also lightens skin tone and improves skin firmness.

4. In today's generation, everyone is passionate about fast foods or bakery products. Although we cannot avoid them completely, we can reduce consumption to some extent. Because, oily foods often leads to acne and black heads.

5. Consumption of 4 to 5 fresh Neem leaves in an empty stomach has a great effect. Within a week, you can see your pimples wave good-bye!

6. Tomatoes and potatoes are the natural solutions for dark circles as they help reduce dark-circles and make your  skin soft and supple! All you need to do is rub it under your eyes every night before you go to sleep.

Many people have no knowledge that sometimes unhealthy hair and dandruff also lead to acne and skin problems. So keeping your hair clean and free from dandruff is very important. Again here, Neem leaves come into picture! Washing your hair once a week with Neem juice can help reduce dandruff and keep your hair healthy!

As mentioned above, turmeric has the best anti-bacterial and anti-infamatory properties, it helps reduce acne and fight against germs. So, if your looking for Ayurvedic cream for any skin problems here it is:  VICCO turmeric cream, a long-lasting cure to all your skin problems!
VICCO turmeric nahi cosmetic! :P

Visit here for more details: VICCO Turmeric Cream

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making life easier with My Airtel App

In this new era of technology, smart phone is no more a priced possession but a basic necessity. Smart phones have become an essential part of our daily lives and so are the applications that run on it. A good app must be convenient to use and help the work going flawlessly at ease. One good mobile app on your phone can make your life a lot more simple!
One such amazing application is My Airtel App'. Now, these are some unique and incredible features that made me fall in love with this app:

Secured payments: With the advent of online payments, an attempt to gain sensitive information like passwords and usernames, commonly called phishing, electronic theft and security threats have become too mainstream.  Now, this app with PCIDSS certification ensures safety of online transactions.  So, if there's any App which assures complete security then nothing could be any better and cooler! Be it any bill, you can make payment within a minute without any worry and difficulty.
So if you have this app, there's no need to wander streets for recharge! One click and it gets  your life going! :)

Airtel Surprises:  For every recharge you receive a coupon! You get discount coupons on different sorts like food, entertainment, travel, online shopping and many more. You can even get amazing offers from online shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, PVR cinemas and so on.. Not only this, you can also get information regarding best internet packs, mobile tariffs and free talk-time! I found this feature really cool and interesting. The app is available on almost all mobile platforms- Android, IOS, Blackberry Windows etc.

I want to: In today's world everyone is running out of time and want things to be done at ease and and I am no different. I am a person who wants things to happen in no time without any hassle and this feature best suits me. It allows you to create shortcuts to your favorites. Push notifications with alerts such as low balance, pack expiry and payment  due date are also available on the app. Shortcuts can be made to view balance, check data left over and many more..

Apart from this, you can record TV if you have an Airtel Digital TV HD with recorded. Nothing is more cooler than high speed internet. Net is so quick that various pages and tabs get loaded in no time. Now these features best suit my lifestyle!!

When you have so much of benefits in one single app , what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download My Airtel App here for free!

Note: This post is written for Airtel India.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

For once

For once, I wanna move way from worldly world
Where I could wake up with chirp of birds
For once, I never want early smoking tea
Instead I want blue sky shelter me

Where there's Symphony of birds & rattle of leaves
My soul uplifts, with every passing breeze
Amidst the shadow of thick foliage green
Elegant flowers with sweetest odor sheen

Where I could feel early morning rays of hope
With the beauty of nature, I would just elope
Where I lay on nature's green carpet, a treasure
Giving its small folk, utmost pleasure

Where I could sleep under countless shimmering stars
Peacefully with no clock warning me every hour
And cold wind braces me up and casts its spell
For once, only with Mother Earth, I wish to dwell 

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Friday, 8 May 2015

I shall bide

I stare at the blank wall, I see us
I try not, tears run down a gush
Memories haunt me all day and night
Though I try to forget with all my might

Never knew those dreams were just a castle in the air
Now they seem so meaningless and bare
Were those promises an empty words?
Even you the one among this world?

Those smiles and laughs we shared
Were they for a while? An empty charade?
You held my hand & walked with me
Now I turn around, none I can see

You left this heart a hard stone
May be I am a stranger with a face known
For now, I shall walk all alone
But I bide, till He takes me His home!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Live, laugh and love!

I often hear people saying: "Lets wait for a perfect moment" but only a few say "Lets make this moment a perfect one". Why to wait for some occasion or a feast to celebrate? Lets make every day and every moment of this precious life, a grand feast. When we start living a life, admiring things around us and being grateful to Him for what we have rather than regretting for the things we don't, every single day of our life becomes a celebration.

"Learn from the past,
Live in the present
And plan your future" - The success and the happiness mantra to make everyday a celebration.

Happiness lies in the smallest of smallest things. As Buddha said: Questing for happiness itself is the real cause of unhappiness, so I would rather say: "Never quest for happiness,  just live every moment and happiness shall be yours!"

So here are few things which make my everyday a celebration:

I am a person who enjoys being with Nature. Be it the early morning chirp of birds, cool whisper of breeze at nights or the petrichor, they just cheer me up! Whenever something freaks me out, I spend a few minutes with nature and it gives me an immense energy!

My world revolves around my family. My family can make me laugh even when I don't wanna smile. An hour with my family and I am back with a bang! :)

Friends- May be a seven letter word, but to me it makes an entire world. Blessed to have such great bunch of friends, I must say! Being with me through all my smiles and tears, thick and thins, laughs and joys, I am so lucky to have you guys! A wee time with my besties, be it  online or offline and that cheers me up no matter in what charade I am!

I am a person with wide range of interests. Reading, writing poetry watching the old Bollywood, Hollywood Science Fiction, listening to music which zests me up no matter what  and cooking which has been added to this list very recently! So, every single thing turn my every imperfect day into a perfect one!

My ink:
Ink- My first love and a very true friend of mine. I am running out of words, to say how much my ink means to me and how much I love him. Without him, I am no complete. My pains, my insane dreams, my fantasies, my smiles and my joys, he  knows all! I wonder if my ink knows everything more than me!

After all, life is too small to worry about the things. Live, laugh love and keep life simple! :)

So, this is about me. How about you? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing... and I would remind you again, your post will make me smile! :)

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

A memorable one!

With internals, projects, assignments, presentations and a numerous activities life became often hectic. In addition, I too had a set of personal problems to deal with. In other words, life was another machine running on a fuel called oxygen- nothing more than that! In the midst of these, awaited a surprise for me. A one day class trip to western ghats and Apsarakonda, a famous beach of Uttara Kannada! And of course, I was in as I never miss an opportunity. It had actually been a while I had went out with friends. May be on holidays to get rid of my regular monotony I go out with few of my friends or family but the joy we get in class trips is quite different!

Trips are the one where even a stranger becomes a friend and to me it was no different. I got to know my classmates much better. Singing, dancing,  Antakshari, chatting and posing for random pics- it was a pure fun.
Between the quaint houses I could see through my window pane, were many narrow paths; beside these paths were the green trees swaying in the breeze.
The beauty of the western ghats, the greenery, trees standing sky high, the hills and the mountains and moreover a bunch of classmates- it was no less than heaven.  I always love travelling, be it by bus or trains. The journey of six hours was like few minutes. Enjoying the scenic beauty and friends, I didn't even realize how the time flew by. Friends and nature are the two things which can cheer me up no matter in what trouble I am.  And it is super awesome when they come together. Isn't it?

We played at the beach for quite a long time and then we enjoyed the mesmerizing waterfalls! Walking bare foot on the sands with pals, the sea shore, the cold whisper of the gentle breeze, wind in our hair, chit-chat with friends I enjoyed every bit of it. The waves hitting the shore washed away all my pains too. I took a deep breath, relaxing myself and enjoyed the serene, peaceful moment.  

It was a perfect blend of fun, amusement and moreover something that bought back my energy and enthusiasm! It was a special day as I realized who really care for me.  Sometimes we do not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. And finally, this trip has become one of my sweetest memory of my Engineering life!  Thanks to each and every soul who made this trip happen. After all, we do not remember days, we remember moments! :) :) 

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The ghost in her

A deep dark hole
Carved through her granite soul
Fear of fears binding her, Fie!
An illusion which none can see

None knows what flows through her veins
A smile full of vain
An empty soul howling through darkness
Stands guard over her emptiness

Ghost of unknown fear haunting her flesh
Circles & whirls around, leaving her in mesh
Tries hard to get back her lost life and name
But the daemon is no lame

Her heavy heart always said "Why me?"
Ghost inside her always knocked
Only 'cause she had it hard locked 
And had thrown away the key! 

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

When I look inside you

When I look inside you
There's a joy of pain that burns inside you
So much of untold silent love for me
Every blood full of trust, care which none can see!

Grief, tears, agony is what none can find
A beautiful lively soul I abide
Your heart, a temple of divine I glorify each day
Always a guiding light no matter come what may

An unsaid great story blazing inside
Yet you show the world having a fun ride
Spirit, kindness, care & love sublime
Profound love that grows on sands of time

When I look in you I see;
A mirror, a perfect reflection of inner me!

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Saturday, 31 January 2015


"Your love, so unselfish AND pure;
All the wounds of the soul, it can cure
'Mother' may be a six letter word
But you make my entire world!"

Things that define her:

My inspiration: During my failures, when I was in tears & pains it was my mom who gave me the strength AND courage to overcome my fears. She advised me not to brood about the past & asked me to move on with life. She always says: "Dhayryam Sarvastra Sadhanam", which means you can win the world with courage.

Dynamic person: In few more years, my mom will be a senior citizen. And at this age its not easy for a woman to be dynamic, energetic AND enthusiastic. She is an 18 year old girl, who hops in to learn something new. Be it a new stitch, a new recipe, be it anything, she's always enthusiastic to learn. In fact, she is more lively than me!

My teacher: Yes, indeed. My mom is the first and ever best teacher. She has taught a lot and teaches me every single day how to lead better and a successful life.

My friend: Again, my first best friend since the time I was born in her womb. A very loving person who understands us AND come to a conclusion in her children's point of view.

Her journey from OR to AND:

Do you think the above mentioned words define my mom? Nope! She is a wife, a daughter, a reliable true friend of many, a home-maker, my favorite and best ever cook, a sister, a lover of nature like me AND a many more.
In the last 21 years, not even once I have seen her whining about her daily chores. She's a woman with a wide range of avocations - cooking, singing, reading, crafting, stitching AND the list goes on. She manages to do a lot many things in wee hours.
Not a single person goes unfed from her. Be it anyone- family, friends or a maid. A lovely AND a lively woman, I have ever met in my life.
She is sweet AND feisty! :)
Love you mom, proud of you! :)

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Friday, 23 January 2015


Bits of pieces scattered all over
Trying hard to put them together
Journey, goals and life a battle
To fill those empty places of a big puzzle

Not all time do pieces fit
Never mind, sometimes you have to forget it
Because you can't fit where you don't belong
Else the whole puzzle will go wrong

Every thy problem is a puzzle piece
Hard to set right while some at ease
You use pieces & lose some too
Life both sturdy or sad and blue

Notches, several bonds of life
You have to build sometimes with strife
Stop the quest for the best not in detest
Only to complete the puzzle, a requisite!

After all, life is a pristine & beautiful puzzle
And to fit everything right is a challenge!

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

You my ink

You have been my first love since I know
You be with me, wherever I go
When my lips can't speak, you do
Every passing day, the more I grow in you!

You heal my wounds inflicted by a reason
Keeping me so happy for all seasons!
Share with you more than smiles & laughs
Giving me wings to my unrefined thoughts!

More than any friend, amicable & true
Senseless thoughts, my tears, ails I etch in you
Crazy fantasies, frivolous dreams not a few;
'Cause I breath-in an experience & breath-out you!

My mirror, a perfect reflection of me
To unlock the inner me, you are the key
Let this divine love forever be
You are an architect of my life, who completes me! 

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Things that define ME!

Giving introduction in one or two sentences is the biggest task. When I am asked to define myself I say my name, city, school & the college I have been studying. Though I feel like mentioning more, I don't. It's often difficult to make people understand. Hence, I thank BlogAdda for giving me a chance to let others know who I am & the those things that define 'ME'!

A writer:
Writing has always been my passion and my ink has been my first love, ever since I know. Without my ink, I am never complete. My crazy dreams, my secret fantasies, my joys, my tears, my ails, the ink knows it all.My poems are the deepest reflection of who I am. Poetry is my favorite while articles & stories are a cat's jump! I write about anything & everything. Fantasy, love, life, nature are my favorite genres. My poems have been published in many online magazines & various sites. I feel happy to say that its been a wonderful journey & I would love to write even more. Thoughts, emotions, opinions, feelings are best expressed through an art & the art which I have been blessed with is of course, writing and I must thank Him for that. In my poems, I speak my mind.

An avid reader: 
Along with the passion of writing, there comes reading too. I love to read be it a blog, a novel, a book or a piece of an article or a poem. In short, anything other than text-books! :P A cup of coffee & an interesting novel in my hand, I am carried away into my own world! Again, reading keeps me so alive! :D

A cook:
I surely thank my mom for this. My mom is my first & best ever teacher while  Google and Sanjeev Kapoor are my next! :P Various recipes, may be something for lunch, variety of sweets, morning breakfast, evening snacks, almost everything! I love trying new recipes. I am happy to say with every passing day I am a better cook. My friends & family love the food, I cook! :)

A Student: 
Well formally speaking, I am a student pursuing Engineering in Information Science. But, I feel I am always a student never a master. I have to keep moving forward. Forever, I am a student, a student of life. Other than my academics there are a number of things that interest me. Spending time with divine nature, listening to music, enjoying movies & psychology is my favorite. Thus, I have a wide range of interests. 

A dreamer: 
Yes, you read it right. Yes, I am a girl With a million dreams.  I dream of lot many things & try my best to conquer them. I am that one crazy dreamer you see! Its the only way, to escape from reality. Because sometimes reality is too hard! :P 

Finally, do you think the above things define me? Nope! I am a friend, sister, a daughter, an
admirer of arts, a lover of nature etc. I love to do the whole nine yards, I have mentioned above &
they are the things that define me! :D :)

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