Sunday, 10 January 2016

Voice Of Silence

A zillion thoughts were running in her mind as she whispered to him those three words. She had been dreaming of this day all her life and finally He made it happen. She gathered all her courage and for the first time in her life, she said those three words to her man whom she loved so much. Her heart was beating fast than it would always do. A number of thoughts were gushing in her mind yet her lips uttered no words. Silence is also a language, a language of love. She remained quite but her emotions simply didn’t no matter how hard she tried. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she tried looking away from him. She didn’t want to speak nor did she want to hear anything other than his words. She just wanted to live those special moments with him. Sometimes all you need is silence because silence speaks louder than words. It was simply the best day of her life because she finally met the man of her dreams. 
She held his hand for the first time and to her surprise he held it tighter. She felt so contented when he said those three words and wiped her tears off her face. She knew he would never be hers and the thought always killed her from within. She asked him not to move away from her for she had no life without him. He silently kissed her forehead and pressed his hand against her cheeks. He made her sleep on his shoulder and soothed her hair. It was nothing but a heavenly feeling when she heard the rhythm of his beat that beats only for her. There was so much peace, a kind of satisfaction when she was with him no words can say. She silently thanked Him thousand times for making it happen. 
There were no words but the silence spoke itself. Silence of the moment of them holding hands, of them together! One can sense all emotions in silence and it’s a magic to peace. The cab was moving and probably for the first time in her life, she loved the traffic. Constantly she was hoping the cab driver would never take her home.

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