Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The cry of an unborn girl

Don’t stamp out me, O!! Mother
For I shall be the best sister to my brother 
wouldn’t you accept me if I were a son?
Just because I am a daughter, will you shun?

You deny me before He drew the lines on my palms?
Oh father! Give me this life, as your alms
Grand ma? How could you betray another woman
You want to kill your little baby when its life has just begun?

I shall give you all the happiness and joy
Bring you the honor and pride more than a boy!
I want to be your little princess, dear father
When you turn old, I shall take care as your mother 

Chant all day, worship Goddesses with sweets, gold and pearl
Now you’re ready to commit a sin by killing this blessed girl?
I plead not to build me my tomb
Even before I emerge from my mother’s womb! 

Friday, 7 October 2016

College days

Signing off those good old days with a heavy heart,
Friends, college, fun everything ripped apart
I miss them to the core for its no more
But those smiles, laughs and joys I always adore

Those four years, slipped away in the blink of an eye
Now, the best days of my life is just a memory
Each day there, I learnt something new
For the more I learnt, there was a lot more to learn, I knew

Bunking classes, asking for attendance and running late
Though I write a 100 poems, a lot more to enunciate
Combined studies, projects, assignments at the eleventh hour
Yet, a step at a time, winning in every endeavor

Sometimes it was maddening, we were whipped too
We lived. We survived. Believe me the story is true
I am grateful to all those who made my college life complete
Blessed with wonderful friends for life and that’s the best treat! 


Even when every step she takes goes wrong
Her smile outweighs her pain, decides to remain strong
She has no pride in dress or decoration
For she knows her beauty is reflected in her soul

She takes a stand, steps up for the right
But sometimes it goes into a woeful plight
Erases all the untruths and evils from her heart
She is patient even when everything is falling apart

Sometimes her heart wanders wailing with the wind
The battle, sufferings wafts into her soul
All the doors of hope & happiness remain closed
Yet, she pulls herself together leaving the grief behind 

She is a mother, a wife, a friend; the glory of creation
Yes. She is a WOMAN.