Friday, 21 March 2014

Where the ink speaks ...

Nobody loves me, Nobody cares;
Not even a single soul, everyone just glare!
Life is turning lot more than hell;
Earth is no more a place for me to dwell!

No sound, not even of a single bell;
Sorrows, woes I am drowned in well!!
Not a single human cell;
To give ears to my yell!

Honey bee's of Failures pains all surround;
There is no heal to this wound!
Happiness, joy & love when will they surround?
When will the success be crowned?

My heart is tired, tired of everything!
Absolutely zilch for which my heart could sing!
Nothing that joy could bring;
With broken wings, Life has become a broken swing!

I am never a girl, who easily gives up;
But for how long can I hold this cluttered cup?
How long can I hold a fake sweet smile;
Mask to be thrown in a little while!

No reason to live on this earth;
For there is no life, no more a mirth!
Love, joy, happiness I crave, I dearth;
Held only by troubles & tears girth?

Why am I the target for every failure, every pain?
Drenched by heavy rains!
"No pain, No gain" Someone said;
But, "Only Pain, No gain", my heart is fed!

It knows no merry, gay or joy;
All my feelings, have become a toy!
Everyone hates, Everyone complains;
All agony, in my heart left a permanent stain!

All my dreams & aims left shattered;
Have become the biggest nerd of this herd;
Why failure is only the word overheard;
I wanna gain the wings of an eagle bird!

What if none gives ears to my ails, my speech
My pen hears it all, Where the ink speaks .....

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

An Adventurous Ride!

Life is a song;
Sometimes, rhythm goes wrong;
Never fear the failure all along;
Lets conquer & grow more strong!

Life is a game;
So it shall never be the same;
To win the game is something;
But the will to win makes everything!

Life is a dream;
Live a dream, Dream beyond dream;
Dream a dream with might;
Fight for it, though hard & tight!

Life is hope;
Whatever, never give up! Nope!
Play as if life ends today;
Hope as if you have many other day!

Life is courage; Life is strength,
Failure is never a persistent!
For failure is not when you get drowned down;
Its when you refuse to get up!

Life is time;
Never wait for a perfect time;
Take each moment & make it perfect;
Then Life turns a beautiful depict!
Use it not as a couch, but as a tool;
Then the whole world, you will rule!

Life is an adventurous ride;
Break into a gallop untied!
For in just three words, Life sums up;
Life moves on!

Finally Life is not just breathing;
Life is beautiful, Life is sublime;
Foot prints on the sands of time!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Walk with me....

When I was tangled in troubles & pains;
Tossed in life's ocean, raging with heavy rains;
Strengthening & Bracing up my broken wings;
So, Again my Life could be on swing!
Walk with me all my life, all along;
For its only you, to whom I belong!

You will be my divine, give me a chance;
Like the waves & the oceans, forever our love will dance!
Hold me, I wanna be in your arms;
For I love you until the Sun meets the storm!
Walk with me all my life, all along;
For its only you, to whom I belong!

When you feel low, you can lean on my shoulder;
When in pain, I shall be your mother!
None can see, for love is like the wind;
In your divine love, I wanna be chained!
Walk with me all my life, all along;
For its only you, to whom I belong!

Walk with me all my life, all along;
For its only you, to whom I belong! 

Monday, 3 March 2014

First Love!

When I first met you, You were the one I never knew;
I don't have a clue, for how our friendship grew!
Sharing the best secrets & untold stories;
Time made us the best & true of friends!

Time & then, I discovered the real you;
Gentle, pure, honest whose heart is so true!
My thick & thins, ails & grieves you were through;
I asked myself, to me who were you?

Soon, there was a bolt from blue;
I discovered, No more I could live without you;
Days rolled & greatest fear within me grew;
To my fate, I couldn't resist falling for you!

Though your love, you 've never expressed;
I know, 'Cause Silence can also be sensed!
Our story is like that of '2 States';
No luck! I sit here starring at the closed gate!

Now, I love the time we spend together;
Though we know this wont be forever!
Even God can't answer our prayers;
'Cause We are never made for each other!

The sweet yet sad story of how two writers;
One day, they need to become strangers!
I know, our love will never prevail;
Hmm.. We need to go where the ship sails!

Of our silent first love, I will write a novel;
Whose love is pure, true & noble!
Stay happy forever, I wanna see you smile;
You own a special place in me all the while...