Saturday, 31 January 2015


"Your love, so unselfish AND pure;
All the wounds of the soul, it can cure
'Mother' may be a six letter word
But you make my entire world!"

Things that define her:

My inspiration: During my failures, when I was in tears & pains it was my mom who gave me the strength AND courage to overcome my fears. She advised me not to brood about the past & asked me to move on with life. She always says: "Dhayryam Sarvastra Sadhanam", which means you can win the world with courage.

Dynamic person: In few more years, my mom will be a senior citizen. And at this age its not easy for a woman to be dynamic, energetic AND enthusiastic. She is an 18 year old girl, who hops in to learn something new. Be it a new stitch, a new recipe, be it anything, she's always enthusiastic to learn. In fact, she is more lively than me!

My teacher: Yes, indeed. My mom is the first and ever best teacher. She has taught a lot and teaches me every single day how to lead better and a successful life.

My friend: Again, my first best friend since the time I was born in her womb. A very loving person who understands us AND come to a conclusion in her children's point of view.

Her journey from OR to AND:

Do you think the above mentioned words define my mom? Nope! She is a wife, a daughter, a reliable true friend of many, a home-maker, my favorite and best ever cook, a sister, a lover of nature like me AND a many more.
In the last 21 years, not even once I have seen her whining about her daily chores. She's a woman with a wide range of avocations - cooking, singing, reading, crafting, stitching AND the list goes on. She manages to do a lot many things in wee hours.
Not a single person goes unfed from her. Be it anyone- family, friends or a maid. A lovely AND a lively woman, I have ever met in my life.
She is sweet AND feisty! :)
Love you mom, proud of you! :)

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