Sunday, 5 October 2014


Why life, why do you play with me
Am I the only target? Why only me?
Without any ups are there only downs?
Only with failures & pains am I crowned?

Life has turned into a sad fairy tale
With pains, I am prisoned in a dark jail
My throat parches, my screams go dry
I push them hard, so none can hear my cry!

I pray, I plead but I hear no voice
My every move is from a bad dice
Bound in a cage of fearful fears
will I break this & make life a cheer?

I am no more a clay, instead a numb stone
Happiness & joy do I ever own?
Every move has become silly, a child's play
Woes & pains never stay at bay?

I wasn't that girl who gave up anything
But now, something says I am nothing!
Though I ask, I pray
For every task, have I become a prey?

Why? Why every step is going so wrong
Is it to such a world I belong??