Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happy Independence day?? Really?

"Happy Independence day" is a mainstream status I found in whatsapp & Facebook today. Some status also read: "Proud to be an Indian", "Let the flag fly high in the sky", Jai Hind" and many more..
But let me ask you, how many among us did feel that zeal? That zest? That happiness? How many of them did attend the flag hoist and felt proud by singing the National Anthem & watching the tricolor flying high in the sky? None!!  Not even one among hundreds!
We as Indians are good only at showing off! Some of them even have no idea of how many years of Independence our nation is celebrating. Its just another holiday for us! Nothing more than that.

Its sad that I saw none of my classmates today except a friend of mine at the flag hoisting ceremony. Absolutely none.
If a movie star, a business tycoon is visiting our college people gather in thousands. We cross so many hurdles to watch their shows. But when it comes to fulfill our duty being the very citizen of the country? None cares.
When great men have sacrificed their family & lives for the sake of us, for the sake of Motherland we aren't even bothered to sacrifice an hour of sleep once in a year! Isn't it a matter of shame? People at the borders are still sacrificing their own happiness, families lives and what not? And that's the reason we are able to have a morsel of food peacefully.

What are we doing as a citizen of this very country? Nothing. Just a show off!

Yes! Its the duty of every citizen to love & respect our motherland the way we all love our mothers. But how many of us really do? We all know how great men fought to achieve freedom. I need not elaborate.  Can't we do a small deed at least for the courtesy that our motherland has given us birth?

"Our country will never change", "It will never improve", these are the most common statements we youngsters make. I personally hate such statements & hate people who make such statements even more. Take a few seconds to think: We all know about the domestic violence, crime, corruption and what's going on in our country. The first step we take is- Yes! India bhand, strike, candle march and rally holding banners with great slogans and roaming every nook & corner of the city. But at the end of the day what do we do? Nothing. Just have an awesome wholesome food and sleep. We speak about big things. But the very next day even if we a see a pick packet-er in a local bus we don't stop him. Instead we are the first one to take a step back. We are neither bothered nor we give a damn about it. The mentality of Indians is: We want our surroundings, our society our nation to change while every individual wants to sit idle.
We never realize that- Yes, its ME who must take the first step towards progress, towards the change.
Why? Why is it so?