Sunday, 6 July 2014

100 Happy Days :) Day 1 - 10

100 happy days. Its basically a challenge for 100 days to list at least one thing that made us happy for each of the hundred days J
I started this challenge on June 24th 2014. So here is the first set…

Day 1:
         Happy that my lappy got correct.  Lappy is something without which I can’t live. Now a days we are more dependent on machines than humans :P  

Day 2:
           I am always fond of learning something new. Anything it could be. So here me & my friend started with it. 

Day 3: 
           Friends! One of the most precious thing I am blessed with. And speaking to my friend after a long time feels so good. It made my day 

Day 4: 
          Movies! Watching old movies is one of my favorite pass time. I was searching a lot for these movies & I finally found them. Watched two old Bollywood movies J Thanks to my friend J

Day 5:
 Again a day spent with my friends. Holidays are the only days where we can meet them & be with them. Speaking to childhood friends feels so special :)

Day 6:
 Spoke to my brothers after a long time. Had nice time with them. It made my day :) 

Day 7: 
 Novels! Books & movies are something I love the most.I was so happy to read a Sidney Sheilden’s book.

Day 8:
 I went to my village. Three days spent with my granny J

Day 9:
As soon as I woke up there was a small kid. My mama’s son.  How I love to have small cute cuddly children around me. I love playing with them J

Day 10:
 Speaking to my bestie after a long time J. This day was in fact very special for me. Sometimes I can’t express how much happy I am :D :D   And I cooked food for my granny. She was so happy J Yay! :D

This post is written for Day 1 of  The Ultimate Blog Challenge.