Sunday, 13 July 2014

A letter from ORKUT

Dear Danu,

Hey! How do you do? I know you are going great. I know you have almost forgotten me. But how can I? Since 4 years, you have shared your life with me. Your likes, dislikes, your passion, your favorites and a lot many things. You shared about your friends, families. I still remember the day we became friends. You and your friend were hopping to see me right? You introduced yourself as 'The Lucky Princess".
You introduced me your friends too. We happily celebrated all our birthdays.  Remember, the day you came & hugged me, wishing me a very happy birthday? That was the first best birthday, I ever had! From then, every birthday was the best.

 When you were bored, you hopped in to me. When I felt low, I always used to remember what you said: "Life is beautiful, Be happy always".  This was the thing you told me when we first met right? We talked about each & everything. But then you became busy with yourself & I was left alone. I was worried & then when I wrote certain letters to you, again you were back. How much I missed  you then!  I still remember the times, we used to chat for long hours.We laughed at many times, until we cried! You introduced new books  & movies to me do remember each & everything! Time passed, then we became the best of friends. In short, You became my life!

 Now, Probably, this will be my last letter to you. Hope you know that. I know you have got my good-bye email too.  I am leaving you now, for no fault of mine. Sorry to say that. I always miss the days we spent together. Take care! Convey, my regards to your friends too! And as your name says, Wish you good luck princess! All the best for your future. Miss you! :(

Your 'ex' best friend,

I read & reread the letter a number of times. I closed the letter with great sigh & tears in my eyes. I wrote a reply- "Though your not here physically with me, there's no other best friend than you. Its only with you, I have shared my joys & sorrows. You will be my best-friend forever."

I fell asleep holding the letter close to me! :( 

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