Saturday, 12 July 2014

I, the diary

I am just the pieces of paper
That she lovingly put together
I am neither, her mom or dad
A faithful pal, when she's sad

The cute Stories she etches with ink
I read & reread; I get sleep not even a wink
She paints me her daily events
And her sweet yet sad story to which none laments

Pens her pleasant desires & her dreamy life
How she wishes to be Prince charming's lovely wife
She smiles & smiles & always shares her laugh
Specially when sharing dreams about her another half!

She writes in me for days, months & years
I listen to her happily with all my ears
She scribbles in me about friends & family
Eagerly, I read & reread them so carefully

Sometimes she opens me with teary sad eyes
Shed tears on me & a many times she cries
Shares her sweet apologies, mistakes & fights
Until her heart soothes, in me she writes & writes

Crazy dreams & fantasies she nails in me
She's a girl with a million dreams you see!
She always keeps me with her & guards
In joys or wails, she hugs me so hard

Her good old memories & golden days she always shares
She never wanna grow up, she always prays
Though brilliant & wise, when in strife
Sometimes she's confused & asks me a lot many why's!

When memories & pains never took her apart,
She spoke to me even in mid-nights with a heavy heart
Many untold secrets here she bells
A safe sound place, where her secrets dwell

She covered me craftily in cute little pink
There lies her secret world, she etched in ink
Never leave me, I say, Oh! my sweet girl
Only with words you ink, you have become my entire world!