Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I wish I were a bird

I wish I were a bird
So that I could fly
Far, far beyond this worldly world
Into the azure skies so high

I wish I were a bird
I could surf the whole world
Early morn everyone I would greet
Among green leaves & blossoms I would tweet

I wish I had those golden wings
To any land, anywhere I could swing
Happily & merrily I could sing
My little life would be a zing

With mellow music in my throat
I could sing & fly to fields remote
I would fly in the serene rains
Make children smile sitting by their window pane

My home beneath those glossy leaves
Feel the whisper & the cold gentle breeze
Each day, watch the golden sunset
And breathe the nature's essence, its scent

I wish I were a bird
Freed from worldly mortal cage
Move far, far away from this nerdy herd
And fly away with huge rage!

Among the small caged golden nests
When tired, with friends I would rest
His love note to her I would send
Short yet a happy jovial life, I would spend!

This post is written for Day 3 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.