Wednesday, 23 July 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 21-30

1. Writing a poem An Unexpected call of different genre, made me so happy. First time, I penned down a spiritual poem on life and death. Happy with the responses too!

2. My very first attempt in writing a story. Usually stories, rants and articles are not my cup of tea. Poems are something which are close to my heart. Though it hasn't come out that well, I loved writing it. I was happy with the results. First is always the best you see! :P

3. My post, "A letter from Orkut", got WOWed by BlogAdda. This was my first take on the prompt. Yippee! Thank you BlogAdda :)

4. Though my dad says he wants to see my poems in print, he was so happy to read my poems & read my blog. My dad was happy, so I was more happy than him :D

5. Finally! Happy to get drenched in rain. Aah! There's no greater joy than playing in rain. When people try to hide themselves under their umbrellas, I come out of the house just to feel His blessings! I love rains! :D

6. I am on cloud nine when someone appreciates my poems. I want people to read them. One of my cousin, said he loves to read my poems. It made my day :) Appreciation & feedback for my poems encourages me to pen more.

7. An awesome food prepared by Mom! :D How I love it!

8. My birthday! My mom had prepared my favorite food. The best wishes from friends & relatives made my day! Party? Naah. I personally don't like parties or celebrations! :D

9. A day out to my fields. I spent more than an hour at the fields. The cool gentle whisper of the breeze uplifts my soul. I enjoyed looking at the small shrubs sprouting.  How I love to be with nature! :D An awesome evening! :D

10. Happy to help my dad with his work. I always feel happy when help someone.