Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Black is beautiful!

Black is classy. Black is beautiful. Black is also one of the boldest, most powerful colors; and the most intense against a white background. 
Black and white photography still exists for much the same reason - it is much more striking than a photograph in color.
Black is sometimes worn as a symbol of authority, like with court judges and their long black robes. 
Black painting of Picasso’s Guernica - this painting represents the horrors of war in general and the bombing of Guernica, by Nazi Germany. Paintings with black background are awesome. 
Coming to gadgets like laptops, tablets, smart phones, kindle E-reader etc, again blacks are trendy! 

Overall, Black is pretty cool! :)

So here is my wish-list of what I desire in Black:

1. Black Sony Xperia z2:

I wanna get rid of my Nokia keypad phone. As my cell has already become an old one, I wanna have a high-end Android smart phone having Android 4.4.2 "Kit Kat"operating system, awesome audio & video recording features & most importantly a Rear camera of 20.2 Mp and and a front camera of 2.2 Mp so that I can take a clear super awesome Selfie whenever I look beautiful :P or may be early in the morning with my messy hair :P

2. Black Chocolate cake:

I love eating chats & cakes. Among all, black chocolate cake is my favorite. Wow! So delicious and yummy :D How I love it! 

3.  Black net Saree:

Basically I am a girl who loves Sarees rather than western dresses like proms, skirts, jeans etc. Thin net and cotton sarees are my favorite.
But this doesn't mean I can wear saree to college every day you see :P 
Black net Sarees - I love to wear them. It makes one look beautiful, gorgeous & moreover classy! :) I wanna buy one soon! :D

4. Black kajal:

Usually I don't like applying cosmetics or masking my face with huge make-ups. But this is the only one cosmetic product, I love a lot. It makes eyes look charming, prominent enhances the beauty and moreover it keeps my eyes cool. :) I love to apply it! 

5.Black Bracelets:

Last but not the least See, I am dressed in my favorite black net saree, looking beautiful with black kajal applied to my eyes & having a  Sony Xperia z2 in my hand. But my left hand is missing something. Right? Yeah! I forgot to wear a black pearl bracelet! Black pearl bracelets are my favorite. I already have one but that's not pearl. Will have one soon! :D

So, here is a simple list of five Black things I desire for. Three basic things for life- food, shelter & clothing. See, I have got a black chocolate cake (Obviously its food for me :P) and a black net saree. Shelter? A black home or a black living room? Something with black furniture? Nope. Sorry! It scares me! :P It makes me remember horror scenes! :P

Anyway, I wish I will get these 5 things soon :D

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