Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Yay! Happy Birthday to me. I have turned 21 today. The first 20 years of my life, was a mix of joys & sorrows. Life is a journey. A journey filled with joys, sorrows, hardships, fun, heartaches, special moments & lessons.

Thank you God, thank you for everything what has happened in my life, good and even the bad.  From the bad, I have learn't how to take heart & be strong. Thank you for blessing me with the best, the best of everything. Wonderful parents & friends are the most precious gifts you have gifted me. Thank you :)
Hence forth, I don't ask you to give me an easy life. But, I do ask you to bestow your blessings on me & give me the strength to face whatever may come.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, gorgeous and lovable girl. Happy birthday to  me once again. I love myself. I am in love with my life :D :D

This post is written for Day 16 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge