Sunday, 25 August 2013

Uttarakhand Floods!!

Rain! Raucous rain, without a single stay;
Heavy storm & lightening blazing in the sky!
God! Please Show mercy on us;
You 've been pouring since Thursday!

Heavy rains in North trigger the islands;
Death taking toll to thousands;
Swirling waters swiped off;
Buildings, bridges & temples!

Vast wings of heavy waters;
Destroyed all homes & lives away!
Dark grey clouds; Stop roaring aloud!
Oh! Ganga & Yamuna have some mercy!

People in starvation & parched with thirst;
Waiting for a single morsel!
People in agony pain & vain;
Lamenting for their loved ones;
In at most fear & drenched with tears!
Himalayan shrines, bless us!!

Flash floods & heavy rain of stones;
Death, destruction & disaster;
Leaving a trail of devastation!!

First Love, First Sight !

Your first sight, makes home in my heart;
I don't get why are we apart
Your sight makes me smile, sometimes cry;
Neither get a clue, nor a sigh!

Every missing love song, I hear to;
I am apart from the world; thinking of you.
If those lyrics were chained for me;
How could it comprehend thee?

My heart pranks, I go insane;
All alone in drizzling rain!
Till bright Sun and rain together I see, I abide;
Mirage love, feels you are by my side!

At every breath, moment I feel you;
God decides am I made for you?
Never will my love, dreams decay;
Hold my hand forever, the only I say!!

School Life, I Always Miss!

Wearing those tiny shoes & socks;
A cute short little brown frock!
Waiting for intervals to open our box;
End up with silly fights & stupid talks!

Giving duty in assembly felt so great;
Princi's announcements,we'd always hate!
Remarks in calender when we were late;
Heavy bags, never made us stand straight!

Statues, bingos, name place animal thing;
In free class, we would always cling!
Kho-kho, stop & fish in the pond;
As if no other games, always fond!

Pin drop silence when Princi passes by;
Watching the color of her hair dye!
Candies, icecreams, gauvas after school;
Even when weather was freezing cool!

Being a monitor, meant very high;
An 'A' grade, always a sigh!
Without raincoats on rainy days;
Getting drenched in rain, always a craze!

Bruised elbows & bruised knees;
Would never leave us at ease!
Lucky when teacher left early;
But waiting for the bell at three thirty!

School life, was of pure bliss!
That contented, happy life for ever I miss !!

Inner v/s Outer Beauty!!


Camouflage of various creams, foundations, talcum powders, lip glosses, eye liners, mascaras, perfumes & what not!
In other words, wearing a mask!

Just by applying all these, do you think a person looks beautiful?
In my opinion, its obviously "NO!"
Then what is beauty all about?

Yes! Beauty are of two types. The inner & the outer.

Outer beauty of a person is characterized only by external features & physical appearances. Something stain-able & can be created within a short span of time.

While inner beauty is an experience, the beauty of the heart & soul, that cannot be seen only be felt. Its something which lies beneath the skin, untarnished, far beyond any physical appearances. The beauty that reflects your attitude, thoughts, mentality & expressions & characterized by mental & spiritual well being. Someone who has a beautiful soul, you can see it in the sparkle of their eyes! Inner beauty is a temple where the divine resides! Something whose image cannot be expressed.
Outer beauty lies in t-shirts & jeans you wear, while inner lies in the heart, rooted deep within!

But in today's modernized world, none is concerned about the inner beauty. People just want everything artificial & super fast. None worries about the beauty of heart & soul.

But one thing is sure, Might be outer beauty just attract the eyes, inner beauty captures heart. If only outer beauty attracts, then celebrities must have fantabulous life with best relationships. But they have the worst of all!

If you don't have beautiful eyes, then mascara & eye shadows are not the solutions! Wake up! Clean your heart & make your soul beautiful. Obviously then your eyes glow. Because
"Eyes are the index of soul!"
"Beauty is not in face, but its a light in heart!"
What is the use of having an elegant face with an ugly heart??

Dowry - The worst evil of Indian society !

With lot many dreams, thoughts in her eyes;
Joyously & shyly she smiles!
With all dreams of a good family,
Of being treated as princess;
Newly wed bride steps into the groom's home!

A week after, starts the real life of a woman!
Mother-in-law orders-"Get me the dowry"
Sister-in-law shouts, pushes her out!
With tears in her eyes she looks at husband;
He looks away, doesn't bother!
They scream, yell behave worse than an animal!

Days pass by, life into total mess!
She prays, she begs with heavy heart!
Not to beat her, harrass her!
For she could work somewhere & get the money!
She cries, laments, with lot of pain!

She doesn't want to ask her parents the 'dowry'!
'Cause they can't afford anymore
They themselves starve for one morsel of food
One sip of drink!

Wishes she wasn't born
Curses for being a girl
She finds none to share, none to care either
Not even her husband, her soul-mate;
Who once had promised
He would be with her through every thick & thin
Under the witness of fire!

She couldn't bare the pain anymore;
They neither leave her die nor be alive
Tears dried, Hopes all died
Only peace she could find was in 'death'!
Finally, she burns herself & breaths her last;
'Cause that was the only way to end her tragedy;
Her grieves, her sorrows & her pains!

Dunno still how many lives it takes
Of innocent girls
Who are just an opening bud
Yet to blossom, yet to conquer life
Shame on our Indian Society
Dowry - The worst evil of our society!

Happy Birthday Brother

More than bro, a very best friend;
Through thick & thin, till the end!
One who clears my pains & tears;
And always make me cheer!

First one, who comes to my mind;
When to tears, grief I'm inclined!
Someone, who silently care;
Never hesitate anything to share!

Holds my hand throughout my life;
More tighter, when in strife!
Though not a child of my mother;
Blessed to get you as my brother!

Only with you, I am so stupid & silly;
Quarreling with you, is too lovely!
Though I know, I adore you!
Swear, I'l never stop fighting with you!

Ails & grieves may never come near;
Want you to stay happy now & ever!
Let all woes & worries stay at bay;
This will be my prayer today!