Sunday, 25 August 2013

School Life, I Always Miss!

Wearing those tiny shoes & socks;
A cute short little brown frock!
Waiting for intervals to open our box;
End up with silly fights & stupid talks!

Giving duty in assembly felt so great;
Princi's announcements,we'd always hate!
Remarks in calender when we were late;
Heavy bags, never made us stand straight!

Statues, bingos, name place animal thing;
In free class, we would always cling!
Kho-kho, stop & fish in the pond;
As if no other games, always fond!

Pin drop silence when Princi passes by;
Watching the color of her hair dye!
Candies, icecreams, gauvas after school;
Even when weather was freezing cool!

Being a monitor, meant very high;
An 'A' grade, always a sigh!
Without raincoats on rainy days;
Getting drenched in rain, always a craze!

Bruised elbows & bruised knees;
Would never leave us at ease!
Lucky when teacher left early;
But waiting for the bell at three thirty!

School life, was of pure bliss!
That contented, happy life for ever I miss !!