Sunday, 25 August 2013

Uttarakhand Floods!!

Rain! Raucous rain, without a single stay;
Heavy storm & lightening blazing in the sky!
God! Please Show mercy on us;
You 've been pouring since Thursday!

Heavy rains in North trigger the islands;
Death taking toll to thousands;
Swirling waters swiped off;
Buildings, bridges & temples!

Vast wings of heavy waters;
Destroyed all homes & lives away!
Dark grey clouds; Stop roaring aloud!
Oh! Ganga & Yamuna have some mercy!

People in starvation & parched with thirst;
Waiting for a single morsel!
People in agony pain & vain;
Lamenting for their loved ones;
In at most fear & drenched with tears!
Himalayan shrines, bless us!!

Flash floods & heavy rain of stones;
Death, destruction & disaster;
Leaving a trail of devastation!!