Sunday, 25 August 2013

Happy Birthday Brother

More than bro, a very best friend;
Through thick & thin, till the end!
One who clears my pains & tears;
And always make me cheer!

First one, who comes to my mind;
When to tears, grief I'm inclined!
Someone, who silently care;
Never hesitate anything to share!

Holds my hand throughout my life;
More tighter, when in strife!
Though not a child of my mother;
Blessed to get you as my brother!

Only with you, I am so stupid & silly;
Quarreling with you, is too lovely!
Though I know, I adore you!
Swear, I'l never stop fighting with you!

Ails & grieves may never come near;
Want you to stay happy now & ever!
Let all woes & worries stay at bay;
This will be my prayer today!