Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Welcome 2014!

With new dreams & aspirations 2014 coming all way;
Swaying the tears & miseries away!
'14, yet a fresh page unturned unfold;
With new strength, lets see what the page holds!

'13 was a mixed taste of sugar & salt;
Lets take the best memories & keep aside the faults!
The waves & tides of '14 washes away '13 soon;
For '14 is a bud, yet to be bloomed!

Hope the budding year is full of challenges;
Bit more fun, strengthening yet adventurous!
For I never pray for an easy life;
Instead the strength to face the strife!

Let the brilliant thoughts knock my door;
So, I attain the might to write more & even more!
Let ’14 be a more sprightly & lively;
From this tangled chain, I wanna break free!

Be bestowed with more a good health;
For its an enormous treasure & the greatest wealth!
Much to learn from those mistakes of ’13;
And grow more richer & be ready for the battle unseen!

Let the pristine year bring you all joy & merry;
May grieves & sadness lay beyond, I plea!
Let this year bring you all smiles & cheers;
Wish you all a prosperous new year!!:) :)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I wanna land on Mars! :P

I wanna leave this materialistic earth;
For I find no more a mirth
For that doesn't mean I wanna die;
I wanna fly to mars with a great sigh!

For I am tangled in earthly world & earthly things;
Wanna mount, give me the golden wings!
Bless the red planet with water & air;
For I can grow some fruits & food I prepare!

Wanna hover, where green rivers flow;
Two moons above & the rocky ground below!
From high mountains to the deep valleys;
Breaking from this cobweb, I wanna flee!

Bid adieu to earth & land on mars;
Where still I see heavenly stars!
Where I see the storms of rustic dust;
And has many a craters thrust!

For all I need is, a piece of peace;
God will you bestow that planet for lease?
Bless me with the eagles wings;
I shall land on mars, with a great zing!!

Monday, 23 December 2013

I am ready for thee!

Worries, troubles filled with grief;
Can't I toss a & get some relief ?
My life, turning into an unsuccessful tale ?
Why is it going so pale ?

In quest for answers, for solutions;
I turn around, But find none !
Life tossed to hell;
No remedy; Though scream or yell !

Smiles frowned; tears dried !
Dreams all buried; hopes all died !
Two years back, Life was of pure bliss;
Those smiles, those days forever I miss ?

Questions unanswered, Decisions untaken;
Why my strength isn't awaken ?
Want to be lost, never found again !
Find no heal to my vain & pain !

But wait! Somewhere, I find an urge;
An urge to live, conquer this test & emerge !
Divine testing me, Life playing with me ?
Done ! I am ready for thee !

Only a month more??

Opened my eyes, only before nineteen;
A lot many entities I have never seen!
End of the world? Could it ever be?
Seems like, horror in twelve & comedy in thirteen!

Hopes, reveries, yet to come true;
If not all, I have faith, at least a few!
Yet to surf the oceans, not the ponds;
Always aim big, not the smalls!

Dreaming to live a contented life;
I am just an opening bud, don't want to die!
Yet a seed to germinate;
There are lots to manifest!

Yet to meet the love of my life;
Though unknown of whom, I've dreamt all my life;
I don't believe Mayan's words with might;
My life, only a month more? It can never be right !!!

Had Written on November 19th 2012 !

Saturday, 14 December 2013

If I die tomorrow!

If the sun doesn't rise for me tomorrow
Will you stand with a heavy heart with sorrow?
For my happy days on earth is over;
And heaven is pulling me closer!

Though how much you shed your tears;
And scream & yell, I will be no more to hear
For, you cover me with a bouquet & bunch of garlands;
I will be no more to smell their fragrance!

Though I 've cherished all through twenty years;
Will you speak to me in your prayers?
Tomorrow, when in coffin I lie
Will my today's memories make you cry?

If tomorrow, I bid a good - bye;
Will you really miss me or just a sigh?
Have I painted your hearts with my love, my smiles? So,
When I go away, in your arms will you hold a while?

Tomorrow when my soul, my body departs;
Will you cherish my art in your hearts?
When heaven calls me & there comes my time
Up in the sky, see me as a star that brightly shines!

My blessed last moments with you;
Will you treasure through or just shoo?
When I leave you all & bid adieu ;
Hope I will be safe in your hearts, for my love is true!

Forgive my sins & forget my faults;
The best memories with you, may never halt!
If tomorrow death arrives;
With you, within you, I always stay alive!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Love you forever!

Knocking the door of my heart;
You came into my life, like twilight
Making me drench, in the ocean of your love;
Made me free from tangled chain of plight!

Sorrows ails & grieves you took apart;
The one who is so much close to my heart!
Gave me warmth by your sacred love & tender care;
Kept me nested, when in despair

Words can never say how much I love you;
For my love is true & deep as an ocean blue
Your arms, is for what I only pray;
Where heaven lies washing all my pain away!

In my every breath I feel for you;
In every song I hear, I dream of us, of you;
I wish to live with you, where watching our love;
Even the moon & stars smile from above!

Like a divine in soul & a best friend for life;
Wish to live with you, my whole life!
For, I know you make all my dreams come true;
Sunshine, I wanna stay in your heart, as your lovely wife!!

An Unknown Love!

Though I've never seen you or met;
I lay on my bed half slept;
All because your dreams make home in my heart;
Though you are apart!

  Days and nights pass through;
But I can never stop thinking of you.
Reveries, desires are millions and tons;
The reason behind is only you one!

He, in golden words has written my fate;
You will be my strength, my Life mate.
Whoever and wherever are you;
I want to cherish with you!

Waiting for the day you hold my hand and swear;
That you hold me tight in your arms ever!
Like divine in soul and closest friend in life;
I wish to live with you my entire life!

Unrelated thoughts and sleepless nights;
I guess my dreams are right.
Don’t know how many of them I chase;
Who are you? Question still remains in its place!! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Breaking free!

Locked up in the mesh, in the cage;
Wings have broken since a many age.
Tangled in so many worries & unknown tensions;
It has turned to a life, without any intentions!

Why am I bounded like a prisoner without any crime?
Want to shout my heart loud & Wanna be me!
I don't wanna run a rat race. Never.
I wanna uncage myself, be free ever!

I wanna Sing aloud, stretch my arms & dance in rain;
With all my troubles buried & without any pain!
Wanna escape from such lifeless life & run wild;
Of so many useless things, I am relived!

Wanna detach, myself from all chains, I plea;
I wanna break free, I wanna be the real 'ME'!
I plead, I dream, I wanna live a lively life;
Where life is without any strife!

I wanna untie myself from hectic technical life;
Its as if the soul is dead & only the flesh alive!
Wanna express, live life to my heart's content;
For, the Inner voice has become mute & life has lost its scent!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Never give up on your dreams!

Never  be lost in a crowd;
For, if you want your success to sound loud!
Dream, dream a dream with might;
Work for the dream, though hard & tight!

Even if you come to the end of rope;
Never let your fear, conquer your hope!
Move forward, always stay strong;
Though each step goes wrong!!

In just three words, life sums up;
Whatever "Never Give Up"!
Impossible is only a word overheard;
With both failures & successes life is stirred!

Never feel low, when  people laugh on your dreams;
Take courage & let your dream gleam!
Life smacks you back & breaks you down;
Stay positive, soon you will be crowned!

When you don't dream life becomes lifeless;
And your breath, useless!
Dare to dream, dare to live;
Never give up, Dream a dream, Live a dream!!