Monday, 23 December 2013

Only a month more??

Opened my eyes, only before nineteen;
A lot many entities I have never seen!
End of the world? Could it ever be?
Seems like, horror in twelve & comedy in thirteen!

Hopes, reveries, yet to come true;
If not all, I have faith, at least a few!
Yet to surf the oceans, not the ponds;
Always aim big, not the smalls!

Dreaming to live a contented life;
I am just an opening bud, don't want to die!
Yet a seed to germinate;
There are lots to manifest!

Yet to meet the love of my life;
Though unknown of whom, I've dreamt all my life;
I don't believe Mayan's words with might;
My life, only a month more? It can never be right !!!

Had Written on November 19th 2012 !