Monday, 23 December 2013

I am ready for thee!

Worries, troubles filled with grief;
Can't I toss a & get some relief ?
My life, turning into an unsuccessful tale ?
Why is it going so pale ?

In quest for answers, for solutions;
I turn around, But find none !
Life tossed to hell;
No remedy; Though scream or yell !

Smiles frowned; tears dried !
Dreams all buried; hopes all died !
Two years back, Life was of pure bliss;
Those smiles, those days forever I miss ?

Questions unanswered, Decisions untaken;
Why my strength isn't awaken ?
Want to be lost, never found again !
Find no heal to my vain & pain !

But wait! Somewhere, I find an urge;
An urge to live, conquer this test & emerge !
Divine testing me, Life playing with me ?
Done ! I am ready for thee !