Sunday, 8 December 2013

Breaking free!

Locked up in the mesh, in the cage;
Wings have broken since a many age.
Tangled in so many worries & unknown tensions;
It has turned to a life, without any intentions!

Why am I bounded like a prisoner without any crime?
Want to shout my heart loud & Wanna be me!
I don't wanna run a rat race. Never.
I wanna uncage myself, be free ever!

I wanna Sing aloud, stretch my arms & dance in rain;
With all my troubles buried & without any pain!
Wanna escape from such lifeless life & run wild;
Of so many useless things, I am relived!

Wanna detach, myself from all chains, I plea;
I wanna break free, I wanna be the real 'ME'!
I plead, I dream, I wanna live a lively life;
Where life is without any strife!

I wanna untie myself from hectic technical life;
Its as if the soul is dead & only the flesh alive!
Wanna express, live life to my heart's content;
For, the Inner voice has become mute & life has lost its scent!