Thursday, 24 April 2014

The hungry beggar

Near the cities, far from fields & lawns;
There laid a beggar man, shivering in the dawn
His pale blue eyes wearing a frown;
Cursing his Life, Wishing he wasn't born!

To hear the sound of a coin was rejoice;
None to care his miserable voice
There on the streets, Where temple bells jingled;
He laid freezing with cold!

An old orphan, none to care;
With rags, tears & pain was all he could wear!
Sky was the roof & floor was a bed;
Burning hot or wintry, that was the only shed!

If anyone could lend, his eyes chock full;
Waiting for food, just mouthful!
Grabbing some food, people threw it a waste;
His eyes yearning, in hunger running in haste!

After three days, a morsel of food;
Thanking God, again his life was good!
He was happy, contented! A great relief;
No more the old withered leaf!

I thought, One's waste is another's food;
My voice chocked, Thanking Him a million I stood!
For me, he was not a beggar anymore
It was me, having all luxury begging Him for still more..

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