Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4g- The best network ever

Internet has become the lifeline of every individual. It has almost become the most basic necessity of every human. And if you desire speed, then I must say, Airtel 4g is just for you. Airtel 4g is the first telecom operator to introduce 4g services in 296 cities across the nation. With this unbelievable speed, all your tasks happen in no time.

Downloading  videos-  In this era of technology and modernity, we all want things to happen in no time and I am no different.  The first thing I shall do, is downloading videos. Watching the old Bollywood has always been my passion, be it the songs, videos or a movie; I just love them.  But you know because of slow internet, I never could. Now it is time to enjoy videos without any buffering. With the download speed of 42 Mbps, imagine you can download your favorite movie of say around 800 MB in less than 3 minutes. So, watching videos with 4g service is going to be a great fun. And for all cricket lovers over there, it’s surely a blessing in disguise; watching the live stream could surely be a cakewalk!

Social media- With the advancement in technology a man is in Stone Age, if he’s not on social Medias. Be it any media, we all want to be connected to the outside world in one or the other way and Airtel 4g makes it much simpler. We all love to stay in touch with our friends, relatives or colleague. Don’t we? So, no one likes to be interrupted when you are chatting with your friends. You don’t like to be disturbed because of slow internet especially when you are chatting after a long time. So, now you can text or Whatsapp your friends and the texting goes on smoothly without any hassle. Trust me; even skyping becomes a piece of cake with 4g service!

Online transactions- If you make financial transactions online, then you must go for this. To make your online transactions faster and safer, undoubtedly you need a good internet connection. You don’t like to be struck in the middle of transactions. And Airtel 4g cuts the mustard again.

 Airtel being the first service provider in India to upgrade from 3g to 4g, it’s obvious it has got a feather in its cap. And yes, it’s remarkably the best thing in sliced bread. So, Airtel 4g makes your life easier, simpler and more interesting. And the best part is existing 3g users will get improved speed, free Sim and free delivery without spending a penny. Isn’t it amazing?

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The ball is in your court and it’s up to you, you make the best of both worlds!