Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Family Bonding!

Writing has always been my passion ever since I know. And along with the passion for writing comes reading too. I love reading, be it a novel, a poetry, a story or even a small piece of article. I was just visiting and in family section, I came across an article on Family Bonding and I loved reading the tips to increase family bonding. I thought of writing an article on the same.

Family time is always the BEST time. In today's generation, every family is busy. Most of the families have both parent working, what a family means and the concept of spending quality time as a family has been thrown out of the window.

Family doesn't mean a group of individuals living together under the same roof but who are connected together and share their thick and thin. Having an emotional relationship with your family members is more important. No matter how busy schedule you have, family should always be your first priority to keep your family a happy family!  Spending more time together and engaging in leisure activities makes your family bond grow more healthier. Even a small activity like playing with your kids, helping them in their homework, reading stories to each other have a great impact on the 'health' of the family.

You need to take out the quality time from your busy schedule to ask what each one of us has done in the day and show interest in each other lives. To show appreciation, affection and encouragement to kids is very important. If children aren't taught at home, then they shall learn no where. That's why it is said: "Home is the first school and Mom is thy first teacher". Children must be taught values and important lessons of life. If parents don't, who else will?

According to studies, kids who spend quality time with parents, are likely to do much better in their academics and show less behavioral problems. Yes! Its because they need your love, a sense of belonging, a sense of warmth and want to feel secured.

Communication is the key to all problems! So talk and listen as much as you can.  Especially when it comes to kids in their teen-ages, you need to be their friend and they expect a couple of advice from a caring parent. A conversation with parents become more important at this stage.

It s said, Family that plays together-stays together. While that's certainly true, there's another thing today's families are missing. Yes! You got it right. Its the family dinner. Again when it comes to dining together it isn't grabbing something and eating in silence or each one busy indulged in social medias. Its absolutely not about family dinner- but its the time together. Family time around the table benefits every member and allow the bond to strengthen and flourish.

Children grow up before you realize, so try to spend time as much as you can. After all, you have got a lifetime to work, but kids are young only once! Family is where roots take hold and from there we grow. Family is not an important thing, its just EVERYTHING!
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