Friday, 3 July 2015

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As I was browsing internet, I came across an article related to stress relief from and I found it very useful. The article explains seven simple stress busters to save your sanity.  Everywhere you look, people no matter the older ones or teenagers every one is stressed out. This article talks about stress bursting techniques and how it can help you tame your stress. While sometimes, stress can be a positive driving force, unfortunately, most of the times it has a negative impact.

Go for a walk- Yes! you need to get some fresh air which automatically reduces your stress and brings a warm smile on your face. Go to a park and spend some time. Nature can do wonders! Taking a deep breath or precisely called diaphragmatic exercises, deep muscle relaxation, can help reduce it.
If you remember, India is where Yoga and meditation have taken their birth. And recently we have celebrated International Yoga Day too. Yoga and meditation aren't only the best stress busters but they also make your life happier and much healthier. A path to enlightenment. So, set aside a time every day to work on relaxation.
I would like to re-quote the quote and say- A laughter a day, keeps the doctor away. Smile and laugh often and harness the powerful benefits of humor. Keep a smile on your face and drive your stress a miles away.
Talk to your buddies or colleagues. Time with best ones is undoubtedly the best time. It changes your mood and helps you stay positive. Friends are always there to cheer you up, no matter what. Even the worst day, turns to your best!
The 'me' time- Now this has to be number one on your list. Do a thing or two that makes you happy. May be a walk with mother nature, or doing your favorite things. Be it Painting, writing, reading, craft, listening to music or anything that pleases you. You owe it to yourself!
Playing games- Not the corporate ones, but the fun ones. Gather all your friends or family and play something that's fun and visit your childhood!
Writing down- Now, there may be times where you just want to be alone. Go grab a pen and start writing. Write whatever comes to your mind. It need not be gramatically correct. After all no one is going to read that except you.
So the article talks about the tips I have mentioned above. I would recommend to go through this
article here.
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