Monday, 27 July 2015

I miss you, friend

I feel like ages since I have met you all
I do nothing rather stare at a wall
I miss our silly fights and stupid talks
They make me cry, they make me laugh

Those beautiful moments of life we shared
The way in which we cared
I long for those days of pure fun and bliss
The more I remember the more I miss

I crave for those times back in life
Because without you, I can no more suffice
A strange hollowness in my life, it has turned so void
Were those my last days I really enjoyed?

I say, I am blessed to have a friend like you
Whose friendship is kind, gentle, pure and so true!
If someone asks me the best two I knew
Without a clue I would just say you! 

Within my book of memories your page, I cannot turn
Because those are the days I always yearn
I realize, you stay a thousand miles apart
But you always remain as a true friend in my heart!