Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC Cricket- Surf it all! Surf it fast!

In India, cricket isn't just a game. It is a genuine and a legitimate religion. In a nation that is divided by numerous castes, creeds, religions, languages, food and many more, cricket has succeeded in holding its folks together. One single sport connecting billions of people together. No matter what religion we follow, what food we eat, what language we speak we all celebrate the victory together as a grand festival. Again, no matter what religion you follow and what is your social status when it comes to cricket, we all are Indians.
You can find children playing in every nook and corner of the nation. Well, people here don't really need standard pitches to play cricket. Be it even on streets, roads, open grounds they are there! Nothing unites this country as cricket does!
And need I say that proud feeling when India beats Pakistan? The great joy and patriotism flows in the veins of every Indian. And every Indian teenage boy dreams of being a cricket hero and a girl dreams of such heroes!

Regardless of World Cup, ODI series, T-20, IPL Test cricket, everyone is glued to their TV's or YouTube screens. No matter how much work we have, we finish them  as early as possible or we take an off and honestly speaking a sick leave. Every second fellow including your boss falls ill on that day! :P Its obviously, the cricket fever and latest live updates are the only cure! Circuitously or directly, this God of sports is definitely giving a reason to rejoice, a reason to celebrate and increasing the bonding between family, friends and colleagues. Doesn't matter if we don't win, watching cricket itself is a bliss of celebration.

Go to office or college and still track the updates of match? Yes! Nothing is impossible in this era of technology. Although we have n number of websites and apps the reason I chose UC Browser is because of the following reasons:
1. I usually catch match updates on browser. Even though I have full speed internet, many a times I get struck missing the live scores. But now, UC Browser comes to my aid. It is super fast with a very friendly user interface. Any person or even a kid who knows ABC of using gadgets can use it with ease.
2. It is available on all platforms and best suits Android.
3. Agog to know about the scores the two countries made some decades ago? Yes! Again, you can! The best part of UC cricket is - It gives you the history. One click on History option, and there you go!
4. Busy? Caught up with something? Need not worry. A single click on the yellow bell beside your favorite match and you shall get a notification just before the match commences. Isn't it really amazing?
5. The comment section allows you to share your opinions and read other's views too. Smileys speak louder than words. Isn't it? ;) You can also use emoticons to make your words sound louder.

Live updates, videos, history, notifications, comments and it has made every possible way to get you connected to your first love- cricket. Once you start using UC Cricket, I am sure you will fall in love with it.  Now you can enjoy cricket relaxing on your couch and sipping your hot smoking coffee!

You can download UC Cricket and UC Browser and enjoy!!