Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rain the bliss of joy!


 Feeling free as a bird,
Stretching carelessly my arms,
Looking at grey lightening sky;
Open my mouth, to catch rain droplets;
And Laughing on my own silliness;
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again.

Welcoming, rain whole heartedly;
Fragrance of wet soil and kiss of rain;
Washing away my worries,
Flinching my Sun baked soul,
Quenching my thirst,
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again.

Jumping around to quest hailstones;
Dancing in rain, cherishing every moment;
With romantic breeze, pitter- patter of rain;
Colorful rainbow, smiles at me;
As if adding colors to my life!
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again.

Hiding Sun emerges through my window,
Now rain hides, my joy too;
Melody of rain slows down;
Again the Sun takes its turn;
Always welcome my rain, the bliss of joy,
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again..!!!!


 At many a times, when we fail in getting what we want, initially we get depressed, think of all worst things happened, curse our own fate, look as if the whole world lies over our head etc... But is that either giving a relief, or solution or a ray of hope??
No not at all!!

Might be we have failed getting something in life, but surely we haven't failed in life!
Instead just think about the reasons behind failures, set right, go forward and be back again stronger than before.
Life has both failures and successes, ups and downs, pains and pleasures. Success is achieved at the price of failures and pains. Pleasures seem sweet only after pains! If we are leading on a smooth road, then surely the path is wrong. Stones are never thrown on a fruitless tree!

We need to make a strong desire and faith in ourselves. Yes!! This time I am going to win.
"Faith is eternal elixir of life that gives life and power!
The former sentence is worth to read again, again and read aloud!

This will surely help in reaching simply the top. We come back again, only when believe, conceive and finally when thoughts are changed to physical equivalents. Because action is the parent of all results.
"Failures are the pillars to success!"

Happy Birthday Brother!


Just before 29, at the sunset at the dawn;
Innocent bairn to our lineage born.
 Mother in zealous smile;
Heard the first cry of the first child!

29 before, on this 23rd June;
Our family had a Full - moon.
On that thursday,1983;
The greatest mother, she could ever be!

My first cry, ten years later;
Blessed to get you as my brother.
Though you came across 29;
You are the same, pure and divine!

As years may come and go;
Welfare, dreams be fulfilled even more.
Bees of victory and joy surround;
In the garden of love bound!

Be blossomed to the privet of privilege;
Strength to change, odds to challenges;
Showered with joy of bliss and love;
Heavenly rain from above!

What more an younger sister;
Could heartily wish her brother;
Rather than going down on her knees;
Praying to fulfill all these desires..!!!

Dedicated to my most Loving brother! :)

Happy birthday once again!

World of dreams

Stepping into the new world of dreams;
Fantasy to surf the romantic world,
Larsen, Paris, Bali and Tahiti,
Igauzu, Mauritius and Venice.
Magical nature of Darjeeling and Manali;
Shimla, Kashmir and Munnar;
Holding hand on a winter night,
Drowned into my dreams.

Home, with a dim light of brown,
With elegant garden, pool, river by the side;
Welcoming the sunset, through my window,
Me, soft lifted by the breeze.
Whelmed over moon light and effulgent stars at night;
Sitting carelessly on a winter cold,
Holding hand on a winter night,
Drowned into my dreams.

Taking delight of nature, the precious gift,
Fabulous place to live in,
Sunrise and sunset at horizon;
Nestle of the birds on green.
From high mountains, to deep valleys;
The deep blue sky, deep dark night,
Holding hand on a winter night,
Drowned into my dreams…