Saturday, 14 July 2012

Happy Birthday Brother!


Just before 29, at the sunset at the dawn;
Innocent bairn to our lineage born.
 Mother in zealous smile;
Heard the first cry of the first child!

29 before, on this 23rd June;
Our family had a Full - moon.
On that thursday,1983;
The greatest mother, she could ever be!

My first cry, ten years later;
Blessed to get you as my brother.
Though you came across 29;
You are the same, pure and divine!

As years may come and go;
Welfare, dreams be fulfilled even more.
Bees of victory and joy surround;
In the garden of love bound!

Be blossomed to the privet of privilege;
Strength to change, odds to challenges;
Showered with joy of bliss and love;
Heavenly rain from above!

What more an younger sister;
Could heartily wish her brother;
Rather than going down on her knees;
Praying to fulfill all these desires..!!!

Dedicated to my most Loving brother! :)

Happy birthday once again!