Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Voice Echoed..

With pains, agony tears my heart screams;
A soul with infinite dead dreams?
In search of light, quest for spirit;
Soulless soul! Where shall it seek?
Numb soul, scribbled hidden amongst
Miseries, woes & unknown fears!
Where shall I seek for happiness? For delight?
I thought, I cried, I lamented!
In thirst for happiness, for peace!

Voice echoed, echoed to clean the rust
Fears, worries & grieves I had to dust!
Enlighten, I had to enlighten my strength
"Forget all worries;
Cherish your golden memories;
Learn from your faults;
But Never let your present halt!"
Finally, I found it;
Amidst the darkness, in a temple
A temple that lies within!
Within me & within my soul!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Between Love & fear!

We can never stay together;
Though its clear;
Why God makes me fall for you dear?
Why my every beat is bringing you near?
On the bare sand here;
I sit with a ocean of tears;
Struggling between Love & fear!

In every rain, every wind
Your voice I hear!
In every song I hear;
In every dream I see
For you know you can't stay in future;
Then why do you appear?
Please! I am Struggling between Love & fear!

I plead. I pray to forget you;
Though my feelings are true;
I wanna bid this love adieu;
If you want me to stay happy;
I beg! No more come near;
For I am Struggling between Love & fear!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Data Structures & Algorithms!

Stack defines the top;
Peek push & the pop;
Rear & front end for queues;
Display, enqueue & dequeue!

Then comes my favorite, the linked list;
Worked with full of zest & zing;
Singly, doubly & circular linked lists;
Insert, delete, search, invert & a many it consists!

Then, arrived the graphs & trees on full sway;
Where difficulty was at bay!
Then the preorder postorder & inorder;
When DS became a much easier!

Djkstras, Floyd Warshell's algorithm;
For shortest path problem
Kruscal's & Primes the key;
For detecting minimum spanning tree! 

Bubble, Merge & selection sort;
Where best, average & worst case was no different!
Then the Quick, insertion & heap;
Where I had to learn more in deep!

Only subject I enjoyed this much;
Dear, DSA I m gonna miss you very much!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A million dreams!

I am that girl, with a million dreams;
With urge my heart echos & screams!
Where words flow like a bush stream;
Hoping my every dream sheen!

With a million, in my heart;
Never let them go apart;
Give each day, a fresh smart start;
Let my fears depart!

I am girl, who dreams insane;
Dream a life without any strain!
Fly over every land & seven seas;
Let me be free, I wanna flee!

I wanna gain a sheer mark;
Before I leave this earthly park;
Dive over the seas & skies;
Surf the whole world, without any worries!

Dream to Dwell in a paradise of harmony & peace;
Where freedom never cease;
Where life knows no pain;
Joy & strength in each blood & every vein!

Crazy girl, who dreams without any ceiling;
Oh! What a joy it brings!
Hope those dreams gather wings;
With a million mad dreams, my heart sings! 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Unlock me! I wanna fall in love with life again!

Almost two years passed;
Since I breathed my life a last!
Life has become lifeless;
Breath a breathless;
Each breath has become a waste;
But the Dead soul, running in haste!

Dreams & life, shattered into pieces;
All I wanna do is Forever wanna rest in peace!
An empty heart with a lamented soul;
And an empty life, without any goals!
Life has turned how void & unfilled
Lost the hopes to rebuild!

Why do you put me in the toughest tests?
For whom should I plea to give me the zest?
All in vain, though I quest!
You can test me later;
Please, I plead
Now let me rest!

In Pains, worries & troubles;
You have caged me, tangled me
Tightly Locked me;
For whom should I plea to grant those keys?
For I wanna fall in love with life again;
I wanna be back with the real 'Me'!