Friday, 17 January 2014

Data Structures & Algorithms!

Stack defines the top;
Peek push & the pop;
Rear & front end for queues;
Display, enqueue & dequeue!

Then comes my favorite, the linked list;
Worked with full of zest & zing;
Singly, doubly & circular linked lists;
Insert, delete, search, invert & a many it consists!

Then, arrived the graphs & trees on full sway;
Where difficulty was at bay!
Then the preorder postorder & inorder;
When DS became a much easier!

Djkstras, Floyd Warshell's algorithm;
For shortest path problem
Kruscal's & Primes the key;
For detecting minimum spanning tree! 

Bubble, Merge & selection sort;
Where best, average & worst case was no different!
Then the Quick, insertion & heap;
Where I had to learn more in deep!

Only subject I enjoyed this much;
Dear, DSA I m gonna miss you very much!