Friday, 3 January 2014

Unlock me! I wanna fall in love with life again!

Almost two years passed;
Since I breathed my life a last!
Life has become lifeless;
Breath a breathless;
Each breath has become a waste;
But the Dead soul, running in haste!

Dreams & life, shattered into pieces;
All I wanna do is Forever wanna rest in peace!
An empty heart with a lamented soul;
And an empty life, without any goals!
Life has turned how void & unfilled
Lost the hopes to rebuild!

Why do you put me in the toughest tests?
For whom should I plea to give me the zest?
All in vain, though I quest!
You can test me later;
Please, I plead
Now let me rest!

In Pains, worries & troubles;
You have caged me, tangled me
Tightly Locked me;
For whom should I plea to grant those keys?
For I wanna fall in love with life again;
I wanna be back with the real 'Me'!