Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Welcome 2014!

With new dreams & aspirations 2014 coming all way;
Swaying the tears & miseries away!
'14, yet a fresh page unturned unfold;
With new strength, lets see what the page holds!

'13 was a mixed taste of sugar & salt;
Lets take the best memories & keep aside the faults!
The waves & tides of '14 washes away '13 soon;
For '14 is a bud, yet to be bloomed!

Hope the budding year is full of challenges;
Bit more fun, strengthening yet adventurous!
For I never pray for an easy life;
Instead the strength to face the strife!

Let the brilliant thoughts knock my door;
So, I attain the might to write more & even more!
Let ’14 be a more sprightly & lively;
From this tangled chain, I wanna break free!

Be bestowed with more a good health;
For its an enormous treasure & the greatest wealth!
Much to learn from those mistakes of ’13;
And grow more richer & be ready for the battle unseen!

Let the pristine year bring you all joy & merry;
May grieves & sadness lay beyond, I plea!
Let this year bring you all smiles & cheers;
Wish you all a prosperous new year!!:) :)