Thursday, 5 December 2013

Never give up on your dreams!

Never  be lost in a crowd;
For, if you want your success to sound loud!
Dream, dream a dream with might;
Work for the dream, though hard & tight!

Even if you come to the end of rope;
Never let your fear, conquer your hope!
Move forward, always stay strong;
Though each step goes wrong!!

In just three words, life sums up;
Whatever "Never Give Up"!
Impossible is only a word overheard;
With both failures & successes life is stirred!

Never feel low, when  people laugh on your dreams;
Take courage & let your dream gleam!
Life smacks you back & breaks you down;
Stay positive, soon you will be crowned!

When you don't dream life becomes lifeless;
And your breath, useless!
Dare to dream, dare to live;
Never give up, Dream a dream, Live a dream!!

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