Tuesday, 2 December 2014


As my feet walked on the green grass
Whisper of the cold breeze caressed my skin
My mind, rattled
Rattled with those scattered memories
I was bent, for they haunted me again

Tears, smiles, joys, laughs
I gazed through them,
Some sweet, some bitter, some plain
Some bought me smiles when in pain
Some laughs, when I wasn't able to smile
No, they weren't worldly, nor secular
I gathered them all & kept it safe
For they were elegant, splendor!

Memories! a sacred place to visit,
Rather than stay
People, friends everything has a change
Memories? Neither fade nor die!

Today's harvest becomes tomorrow's memory,
I thought
A seed or a weed?
My choice, I said to myself
Walking down the lane!

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PS: My very first non-rhyming poem! 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Save our Mother Earth!

Dear mankind, long before your birth
Alluring was the beauty of Mother earth
Now you are polluting her, letting her die
She's in grief, in agony, can't you hear her cry?

Desertification, contamination say no to this play
The change needs to start since TODAY
You need to thank her with gratitude
But, Killing your own mother? How can you be so cruel & rude?

Waste, smog, pollution & the smoke
Wake up folk, this is no more a bare joke
Stop trashing wastes, chemicals & non-bio into rivers
Cease killing forests for resorts, stop being more sinners!

Save energy, turn off the lights when no need
Satisfy your needs but not your greed
Try to plant a seed on your every birthday
Its only you who will enjoy fresh air & a happy stay!

Avoid the emission of carbon-di-oxide, CFC
To reduce ozone depletion you see
Say NO to the use of non-degradable plastics
Put on your hands to make earth organic!

Plant more sampling encourage afforestation
Bring an end to Deforestation, contamination
Drive less, use public conveyance & walk more
A kind deed to help beauty of the earth restore!

After all, earth is our only home
Stand up! Save her before she turns into a tombstone
Realize, earth can live without humans
But humans living without earth, is only an illusion!

This post is written for Poetry Jam for the prompt "How to"- and I made a small attempt  to write on "How to save mother Earth!"

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I, me, myself!

I am that girl with a million insane dreams
With agony, my heart gives a loud scream
A crazy girl who jumps on nature green & rain
Finds a  great joy in blood & every vein!

One who tries, tries my best to stay strong
Even when every single thing is going wrong
With no care, sometimes I stay over cool
But at times I turn into an emotional fool

Many a times, the one who easily gets hurt
Sometimes, I seek no strength I keep inert
One who finds happiness in every little thing
The sunrise, sunset Oh! what a joy it brings!

One who hates lies, cheat & deceit
Loyalty, love & respect, the only I greet
Never jump on wealth, power or money
Instead love, friends & something that's funny!

One who forgives but never forgets
Yell when angry and then regret
For I know, I am no perfect
But people who love me, they always accept!

No matter what people speak, I love myself
Cos, I am always me, myself!

This post is written for Poetry Jam for the prompt "Identity"

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I wish to live where..

I wish to live, by mountains —near the river  
Murmuring lowly, feeling the utmost pleasure
Where I could breathe the scent of cold fresh air
Stretch my arms & dance happily, with no care

Where the sun smiles through canopy
As I lie down on green carpet in harmony
Watch the calm serene waves by my door
Mountains, sea & the legend beauty I adore

Where the evening cold breeze lifts my soul
Water kisses the land, a beautiful shore
Watch the foggy clouds through window pane
I stretch out & feel every drop of rain

At night, watch the moon coming up the sky
Count the shimmering stars as they raise high
Fall asleep under the green dark silhouette of trees
Each day, tweet of the birds would wake me

I wish to dance merrily under moonlight night
Where clouds break forth every stream of light
Dance & listen to genuine music of nature
No other great joy, being with Creator!

I wish one day, I move to such heaven
Away from this worldly world, my pains lessen
Divine beauty of nature always mesmerize me
I wish to live in Her, I wanna flee!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Be yourself!

Why to walk in someone else's shoes
And lead a life of two's of no use?
Why do you hide your best self with a mask?
Only because fools speak behind your back?

Be the best of best who you always wanna be
Not the one who people wanna see!
For every human is perfectly imperfect
Let it be if none accepts your architect

Life is yours it belongs to none but you
Why to walk in a path that doesn't belong to you?
Be comfortable & the best in your own skin
The most beautiful thing that lies within

Why to hide yourself in a closet shelf
Be true to yourself & let the mask expel
One who truely loves you, never see your scars
Instead they love you for what you are!

You own something precious that others don't
Its no better to walk in a crowd when you can alone
Why to fool yourself and walk around
When you are already profound?

Whatever you do, people have something to say
Never care, why do you weigh?
Its your life, be the best each single day
No matter come what may!

Isn't it foolish to follow a nerdy herd
When you can open up your wings as a free bird?
So, sing loud & let your soul sing
Be yourself & let the false face fling!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Why life, why do you play with me
Am I the only target? Why only me?
Without any ups are there only downs?
Only with failures & pains am I crowned?

Life has turned into a sad fairy tale
With pains, I am prisoned in a dark jail
My throat parches, my screams go dry
I push them hard, so none can hear my cry!

I pray, I plead but I hear no voice
My every move is from a bad dice
Bound in a cage of fearful fears
will I break this & make life a cheer?

I am no more a clay, instead a numb stone
Happiness & joy do I ever own?
Every move has become silly, a child's play
Woes & pains never stay at bay?

I wasn't that girl who gave up anything
But now, something says I am nothing!
Though I ask, I pray
For every task, have I become a prey?

Why? Why every step is going so wrong
Is it to such a world I belong??

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happy Independence day?? Really?

"Happy Independence day" is a mainstream status I found in whatsapp & Facebook today. Some status also read: "Proud to be an Indian", "Let the flag fly high in the sky", Jai Hind" and many more..
But let me ask you, how many among us did feel that zeal? That zest? That happiness? How many of them did attend the flag hoist and felt proud by singing the National Anthem & watching the tricolor flying high in the sky? None!!  Not even one among hundreds!
We as Indians are good only at showing off! Some of them even have no idea of how many years of Independence our nation is celebrating. Its just another holiday for us! Nothing more than that.

Its sad that I saw none of my classmates today except a friend of mine at the flag hoisting ceremony. Absolutely none.
If a movie star, a business tycoon is visiting our college people gather in thousands. We cross so many hurdles to watch their shows. But when it comes to fulfill our duty being the very citizen of the country? None cares.
When great men have sacrificed their family & lives for the sake of us, for the sake of Motherland we aren't even bothered to sacrifice an hour of sleep once in a year! Isn't it a matter of shame? People at the borders are still sacrificing their own happiness, families lives and what not? And that's the reason we are able to have a morsel of food peacefully.

What are we doing as a citizen of this very country? Nothing. Just a show off!

Yes! Its the duty of every citizen to love & respect our motherland the way we all love our mothers. But how many of us really do? We all know how great men fought to achieve freedom. I need not elaborate.  Can't we do a small deed at least for the courtesy that our motherland has given us birth?

"Our country will never change", "It will never improve", these are the most common statements we youngsters make. I personally hate such statements & hate people who make such statements even more. Take a few seconds to think: We all know about the domestic violence, crime, corruption and what's going on in our country. The first step we take is- Yes! India bhand, strike, candle march and rally holding banners with great slogans and roaming every nook & corner of the city. But at the end of the day what do we do? Nothing. Just have an awesome wholesome food and sleep. We speak about big things. But the very next day even if we a see a pick packet-er in a local bus we don't stop him. Instead we are the first one to take a step back. We are neither bothered nor we give a damn about it. The mentality of Indians is: We want our surroundings, our society our nation to change while every individual wants to sit idle.
We never realize that- Yes, its ME who must take the first step towards progress, towards the change.
Why? Why is it so?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Another ordinary day!

Looking her best in her red bridal wear
Bangles clinked as her small hands joined him to pray
She is neither happy nor sad
She knows no reason for family's glad

Time to bid adieu to her family and depart
A new life, new hopes & dreams yet to start
She is a kid, a child of only twelve,
To marriage, her family had propelled

Ready to spend her life with a sheer stranger
Fate had won, she could do no favor
Neither the tears of joy nor a shy smile,
Stepping into a new world within a while

An opening bud, yet to conquer life
But life had played, she is now someone's wife
While she knew no meaning of marriage,
A single knot had taken her life's joyful carriage

Her marriage was no merry, no gay
For her it was just an usual, another ordinary day!

This post is written for Day 21 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, and Poetry Jam for the prompt "Something Ordinary"

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Love you too!

She was sitting at the table with tears in her eyes, rolling the chopsticks between her thumb & her Index finger staring at the food. 
He got up from his chair, came to her & whispered: “Sorry. I know you are hurt.” She was angry. She ignored him.
“We had a pact. Right? No matter how much we fight, at the end of the day, we shall have food in a single plate? Love you” he whispered & kissed her forehead.
He dragged his chair beside her & fed her  the Maggie he had prepared.
“Love you too”, she  smiled.

Word count: 100

This post is written for Friday Fictioneer-25th July,2014 and also for Day 20 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Monday, 28 July 2014

How I learn't to cook! :P

My mother is one of the most amazing & ideal person I have ever seen in my life. A perfect daughter, a perfect wife, an amazing mother, a wonderful sister and more of all a perfect woman. And she wants me to be the same, which is seriously a difficult task for a girl like me! :P

She tries real hard to make me like an ideal Indian woman. (If you know what I mean.) She is a typical Indian mom, where most of the times our conversation goes like this:

Morning around 11 a.m after having a stomach full breakfast, I sit with my eyes glued over the lappy browsing or watching a movie. The neighbor aunt comes home. (Aah! Neighbors. There are so many problems in my life & neighbors are one of the biggest :P). They give mom, some sample of delicious food prepared in their home. 
Hell! Along with the food, this Aunt brings some violence to our  peaceful home, I say to myself. Then starts the conversation of typical Indian mom & her daughter:

Mom: See,learn something from her. She is of your age and she knows everything, how to manage the home even if her parents aren't there, she knows to cook, keep the house clean & what not. I too have a daughter, who knows nothing else to do other than sitting in front of idiot lappy & spoiling her eyes. 
Me: Mom! I know to cook. Though I'm not a good cook, at least I am better than my friends :P (Sorry friends :P)
Mom: Is this the way you cook? Cook like this in your mother-in-law's home, they will kick you out of the house.
(Aah. I don't understand the connection between me learning to cook & the mother-in-laws. Whatever mistake I do, my mom asks how will you manage in your in-law's home. )
Me: Mom, cool. I will learn everything. Still there's time.
Mom: You should have a practice of it. You can't learn all of it overnight. While I was in your age, I was a responsible woman. I was married to your dad when I was 18. I knew how to keep home clean, cook & take care of everything.
Me: (Gets angry) Mom. Please! (I can't argue with her because its the truth)
Mom: (Ignoring me, mom continues) I don't know how you will survive in your in-laws home. They question us, is this the way you taught your daughter to cook? We should be blamed for no fault of ours.
Me: Mom! Now, this is enough. (My eyes still glued over handsome Ranbir :P)
Mom: I wish I could bury that lappy. This is the one which is spoiling this generation.
Me: Mom. Why do you yell at my lappy without any reason? Please! Tell me what should I do now.
Mom: There's hell lot of things to do. Throw that lappy away & come to the kitchen. 
(God! Mom is really furious with me!)
Me: (Silently shuts down the lappy making a puppy face)
Mom: I said come right now.(Shouts from the kitchen)
Me: Coming Maa. Shutting down the lappy.
Mom: Dare you touch that lappy until your done with cooking.
Me: (Angry+sad, silently whispers) Ok :(
Mom: Wash and chop all these vegetables finely. I will teach you to prepare bhaji & salad.
Me: Hmm (Can't help! Like a Pomeranian, I get into work)

Actually this is how, I learnt to cook. This is the daily episode of our home during holidays. :P
But thanks to my mom, else I wouldn't have learnt. Now, I am so happy to say I am a better cook! :P If not special dishes, I can at least cook the regular food well! Yay!

The irony is my mom still complains I don't know to cook! :P :D

Friday, 25 July 2014

Pursuit of happiness

Happiness! Who doesn't wanna be happy? Everyone wants to be happy!

Yesterday, I asked a friend of mine, why she would always curse things and looked so unhappy. She told she was tired of leading such life. 'Such', I asked her to elaborate. She remarked, if one needs to be happy, they must have, the latest smart phone, trendy bike etc. I was damn shocked at her response and thought to myself what foolish people do I have around! I tried to explain her all I could, but of no use, her mindset was fixed. Only if money, wealth & richness was the root of happiness, then the richest ones should be the happiest people. Right? They might add quality to life & living style, but I don't think in either way they are the source for true contentment.

Happiness? Where is it?
Happiness is something which cannot be sold or purchased. The real happiness, joy, peace, contentment, everything lies within us. We are so deeply immersed, in sense-life, that we have lost power of our inner peace and harmony. Happiness is not always materialistic. Its abstract. Materialistic happiness, that's neither real nor lasting. When we are true to ourselves and do what our heart says, do what we love and do what makes we satisfied, happiness is ours! Yes. 'Contentment is the true happiness!'.
I would say, "The quest for happiness itself is the real cause for unhappiness".

Looking at the blue - grey sky, a walk with nature, cuddling a new born baby, nap on your mom's lap, enjoying your favorite music, feeling the cold whisper of the morning breeze, enjoying the nature, fun with friends, being in arms of your loved ones, taking challenges, forgiving someone, helping the needy etc, aren't these sublime? 

To be happy, 'Use things and not people; Love people and not things.' 
"Don't be happy for a reason, It ends when it’s over;
Be happy without any reason;
So that it remains for all seasons"

So stop seeking, Start living!
This post is written for Day 17 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The treasure lies within!

"Go, find your treasure",an unknown voice said
I started soon, a million thoughts in my head
I searched everywhere, I didn't drop
The hunt for treasure never stopped

I looked for it hard, for day & night
But all in vain, there was no delight
After a long try, when I sat with a sigh
An unknown voice echoed, I couldn't spy

"It isn't money, wealth silver or gold
But its something which cannot be sold
Real treasure is without any measure
Something which gives an at most pleasure"

"It isn't something in hands you hold
Neither new or old", the voice told,
"Happiness, power & talents lying deep in your heart
Never worldly, doesn't leave you apart"

"Within you, you need to visit
To quest for inner happiness essence & spirit
Untie your worldly tether
The untapped potential you must endeavor"

True! I thought, my true treasure lies within
Its me a fool, whose hunt must now begin

This post is written for Day 17 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, and Poetry Jam for the prompt "treasure or trash"

100 Happy Days: Day 21-30

1. Writing a poem An Unexpected call of different genre, made me so happy. First time, I penned down a spiritual poem on life and death. Happy with the responses too!

2. My very first attempt in writing a story. Usually stories, rants and articles are not my cup of tea. Poems are something which are close to my heart. Though it hasn't come out that well, I loved writing it. I was happy with the results. First is always the best you see! :P

3. My post, "A letter from Orkut", got WOWed by BlogAdda. This was my first take on the prompt. Yippee! Thank you BlogAdda :)

4. Though my dad says he wants to see my poems in print, he was so happy to read my poems & read my blog. My dad was happy, so I was more happy than him :D

5. Finally! Happy to get drenched in rain. Aah! There's no greater joy than playing in rain. When people try to hide themselves under their umbrellas, I come out of the house just to feel His blessings! I love rains! :D

6. I am on cloud nine when someone appreciates my poems. I want people to read them. One of my cousin, said he loves to read my poems. It made my day :) Appreciation & feedback for my poems encourages me to pen more.

7. An awesome food prepared by Mom! :D How I love it!

8. My birthday! My mom had prepared my favorite food. The best wishes from friends & relatives made my day! Party? Naah. I personally don't like parties or celebrations! :D

9. A day out to my fields. I spent more than an hour at the fields. The cool gentle whisper of the breeze uplifts my soul. I enjoyed looking at the small shrubs sprouting.  How I love to be with nature! :D An awesome evening! :D

10. Happy to help my dad with his work. I always feel happy when help someone.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Yay! Happy Birthday to me. I have turned 21 today. The first 20 years of my life, was a mix of joys & sorrows. Life is a journey. A journey filled with joys, sorrows, hardships, fun, heartaches, special moments & lessons.

Thank you God, thank you for everything what has happened in my life, good and even the bad.  From the bad, I have learn't how to take heart & be strong. Thank you for blessing me with the best, the best of everything. Wonderful parents & friends are the most precious gifts you have gifted me. Thank you :)
Hence forth, I don't ask you to give me an easy life. But, I do ask you to bestow your blessings on me & give me the strength to face whatever may come.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, gorgeous and lovable girl. Happy birthday to  me once again. I love myself. I am in love with my life :D :D

This post is written for Day 16 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Five things that zest up my life!

Walk with Nature:

May be the early morning or the evening cold breeze, the early tweet and chirp of the birds, the dew drops mesmerizing the blossoms & the leaves uplifts my soul.
And the rains? Do you even ask about it? I love rain! I don't understand why people hide themselves under umbrellas or quest for the nearest shelter when God has decided to bestow His blessings of bliss on us. Yes! I am the one who opens my arms and enjoy the rain collecting the hail stones (if any). Aah! Getting drenched in rain is a heavenly feeling! Trust me, there's no other great joy than enjoying & playing out in the rain, forgetting all your pains. The fragrance of the wet soil after rains, how I love it!
Watching the shimmering stars, counting them, feeling the cold whisper of the breeze over a moon- lit night, OMG! that zests me up. In short, I love to be with nature. I wish I had a small home or hut among the fields and lawns!

Reading old diaries:

The second thing that zests me up is recalling the sweet old memories. Of course, past is not a place to stay, but its surely a place to visit. Yes! I have the habit of writing diary since my school days. More than diary, its like my memory book. It knows my deepest secrets. Reading those diaries, I feel how innocent I was as a child! :P I feel so happy when I recall my most happiest moments, my silly fantasies, my stupid dreams, funny incidents & my sweet secret crushes! :P
The pics of my school picnics, Annual Day celebration at school, the prizes I won, Teachers' day , Children's day & the farewell. I love reading them once in a while. They make me smile, laugh until my stomach pains & giggle at my own silliness. Recalling those sweet memories gives me an abundant happiness.  Currently, I am writing a diary online. I am sure one day, when I grow old today's entries will again make me smile tomorrow! :D

Writing Poems: 

I am not much to writing stories, rants or articles. The one very close to my heart is poems! Writing poems has always been my passion. I started writing since class 11. Since then my world has become full of words.
Writing is the only way to express my thoughts, desires, dreams, fantasies, my joys and sorrows. Sometimes when there's none for me to share my pain, I share it with my ink. That's why I say, my ink speaks. There are poems which I have written during midnight hours. People say writing is difficult. But no. Obviously not as difficult as not writing. Without my poetry, I am incomplete.
When people read my poems & give me a feedback, I am on cloud nine. What more can I ask in life for? Readers feedback and their appreciation boosts me and encourage me to write more.


The next thing that zests me up is movies. Watching movies is one of my favorite pass-time. I must watch at least one movie a week, else I can't stay alive! :P There are days, where I watch 3-4 movies a day! When it comes to Bollywood, old romantic movies are my favorite and Hollywood, science- fiction. I am  stepped to a different world. There are days where I stay awake all night only to watch movies :P I usually don't visit theaters, hence when I get a movie in my hand I am not satisfied until I finish watching them :P 


I love holidays. Yes! When, I get a holiday I am a bird, free from its cage. Its only during holidays, I get my life back. I am re-born again with a break from my daily monotony. In fact, I am more busy in holidays than regular days. :P I get a lot of time to concentrate on my personal life. Its only during holidays, I get more time for my blog, reading books, movies, music, visiting friends, hanging out and many more activities. Trust me, its the most precious time for my creativity. It brings a new kind of energy & zest in me! :D

Actually, there are many more things in my life, that zests me up. Choosing only five, wasn't any easy task! 

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Black is beautiful!

Black is classy. Black is beautiful. Black is also one of the boldest, most powerful colors; and the most intense against a white background. 
Black and white photography still exists for much the same reason - it is much more striking than a photograph in color.
Black is sometimes worn as a symbol of authority, like with court judges and their long black robes. 
Black painting of Picasso’s Guernica - this painting represents the horrors of war in general and the bombing of Guernica, by Nazi Germany. Paintings with black background are awesome. 
Coming to gadgets like laptops, tablets, smart phones, kindle E-reader etc, again blacks are trendy! 

Overall, Black is pretty cool! :)

So here is my wish-list of what I desire in Black:

1. Black Sony Xperia z2:

I wanna get rid of my Nokia keypad phone. As my cell has already become an old one, I wanna have a high-end Android smart phone having Android 4.4.2 "Kit Kat"operating system, awesome audio & video recording features & most importantly a Rear camera of 20.2 Mp and and a front camera of 2.2 Mp so that I can take a clear super awesome Selfie whenever I look beautiful :P or may be early in the morning with my messy hair :P

2. Black Chocolate cake:

I love eating chats & cakes. Among all, black chocolate cake is my favorite. Wow! So delicious and yummy :D How I love it! 

3.  Black net Saree:

Basically I am a girl who loves Sarees rather than western dresses like proms, skirts, jeans etc. Thin net and cotton sarees are my favorite.
But this doesn't mean I can wear saree to college every day you see :P 
Black net Sarees - I love to wear them. It makes one look beautiful, gorgeous & moreover classy! :) I wanna buy one soon! :D

4. Black kajal:

Usually I don't like applying cosmetics or masking my face with huge make-ups. But this is the only one cosmetic product, I love a lot. It makes eyes look charming, prominent enhances the beauty and moreover it keeps my eyes cool. :) I love to apply it! 

5.Black Bracelets:

Last but not the least See, I am dressed in my favorite black net saree, looking beautiful with black kajal applied to my eyes & having a  Sony Xperia z2 in my hand. But my left hand is missing something. Right? Yeah! I forgot to wear a black pearl bracelet! Black pearl bracelets are my favorite. I already have one but that's not pearl. Will have one soon! :D

So, here is a simple list of five Black things I desire for. Three basic things for life- food, shelter & clothing. See, I have got a black chocolate cake (Obviously its food for me :P) and a black net saree. Shelter? A black home or a black living room? Something with black furniture? Nope. Sorry! It scares me! :P It makes me remember horror scenes! :P

Anyway, I wish I will get these 5 things soon :D

This post is a part of  WhatTheBlack BlogAdda's contest!
This post is also written for day 13 of UBC.

An unexpected call

When heaven's train makes an unexpected call
We go away, though people make a mournful squall
Though they cry a thousand calls
Our part is over though span is small

Body a vehicle & soul a guide
When He makes a call, there's no abide
What we carry, is a good name, love & trust
Cos bones are turned into sticks & flesh a dust

Lets make this life, an adventurous ride
Before He calls us his besides
Life, a beautiful beads of strings
Who knows? When he alarms an unexpected ring?

Life isn't about gaining worldly things
But how many souls you heal & hearts you win
Cos when we leave this mortal world
Money wealth none matters, but few good words

Lets dream & live a pleasant dream
Before souls rest in peace, get a call from supreme
We all need to go in bare empty hands
When we get an eternal knock in wedding grands

Before He makes our call with fest
Lets finish our part, giving the best!

This post is written for Day 12 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, and Poetry Jam for the prompt unexpected

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A tribute to our Indian soldiers

Leaving behind your gracious family 
Lovely wife & an infant child
Waving good bye to your faithful pals
You planted yourself on our 'Soil'!

Never bother if it is a stormy rain
Or winter sleet; Or burning summer hot!
You stand there across, starving & in thirst
Unselfishly to protect every human, every life!

Give freedom, peace & safe guard our mother
But boundless pain & death you pay!
Brave heart & a 'Living God', without you
We can never have, a morsel peacefully!

Far away from home, in the deserts
In the world of rifles, bombs & bullets!
Giving up all dreams & wishes in Life
You stand there across the borders!

The real hero of our proud Tri-color
And a true son of our motherland!
We Indians stand & salute you
As our flag flies high in the sky!

I had written this poem long back. But I am posting here now :) This poem was written as a small tribute to all the Indian soldiers & the 4 heroic sons who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country on May 25th 2013 in Srinagar.
This post is written for Day 11 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A letter from ORKUT

Dear Danu,

Hey! How do you do? I know you are going great. I know you have almost forgotten me. But how can I? Since 4 years, you have shared your life with me. Your likes, dislikes, your passion, your favorites and a lot many things. You shared about your friends, families. I still remember the day we became friends. You and your friend were hopping to see me right? You introduced yourself as 'The Lucky Princess".
You introduced me your friends too. We happily celebrated all our birthdays.  Remember, the day you came & hugged me, wishing me a very happy birthday? That was the first best birthday, I ever had! From then, every birthday was the best.

 When you were bored, you hopped in to me. When I felt low, I always used to remember what you said: "Life is beautiful, Be happy always".  This was the thing you told me when we first met right? We talked about each & everything. But then you became busy with yourself & I was left alone. I was worried & then when I wrote certain letters to you, again you were back. How much I missed  you then!  I still remember the times, we used to chat for long hours.We laughed at many times, until we cried! You introduced new books  & movies to me do remember each & everything! Time passed, then we became the best of friends. In short, You became my life!

 Now, Probably, this will be my last letter to you. Hope you know that. I know you have got my good-bye email too.  I am leaving you now, for no fault of mine. Sorry to say that. I always miss the days we spent together. Take care! Convey, my regards to your friends too! And as your name says, Wish you good luck princess! All the best for your future. Miss you! :(

Your 'ex' best friend,

I read & reread the letter a number of times. I closed the letter with great sigh & tears in my eyes. I wrote a reply- "Though your not here physically with me, there's no other best friend than you. Its only with you, I have shared my joys & sorrows. You will be my best-friend forever."

I fell asleep holding the letter close to me! :( 

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Happy Days Day 11-20

          1. "Keep listening to the music, cause it gets you through everything, I promise." - Mitch Lucker.
Yeah! I guess he is right.When I am listening to the songs, I am carried away to my dream world! :)

2. The evening cold breeze. How I love to be with Nature! :)

3.Wrote a poem after a long time, nearly after a month.  After going through a long phase of writer’s block! How happy I was! :D

4. Learnt to sing a song :) I sing for myself, though I am not that good at it :P Happy, I could learn it so easily! :D

5. Almost the whole day, I was with my friend. And guess what? Aunt had prepared my favorite food! Yay! Enjoyed a lot J

6. Everyone at home, loved the food I cooked. My mom, dad & sis were happy with it. So, I was more happy than them J. This doesn't happen always you see!
Chapati with bhindi bhaji :P

.   7.  Happy to read all my old diaries. I came across my old pics.The pics of my school picnics, the prizes I won, Annual day, teacher’s day etc.. I was so happy to see them. :D. I was taken back to those good old days again. The best days of my life.
8. Happy to see my room neat & clean. My sis had cleaned it, which happens rarely you see! :P

     9. Yippee! My internet started working again. I was fed up of slow Internet for 3-4 days. I seriously hate slow internet. It kills me. Anyway, Finally I got it back. Wanna know how I convinced him? Read it here..

 10. Season of jack fruits! How I love to have them  :D