Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Save our Mother Earth!

Dear mankind, long before your birth
Alluring was the beauty of Mother earth
Now you are polluting her, letting her die
She's in grief, in agony, can't you hear her cry?

Desertification, contamination say no to this play
The change needs to start since TODAY
You need to thank her with gratitude
But, Killing your own mother? How can you be so cruel & rude?

Waste, smog, pollution & the smoke
Wake up folk, this is no more a bare joke
Stop trashing wastes, chemicals & non-bio into rivers
Cease killing forests for resorts, stop being more sinners!

Save energy, turn off the lights when no need
Satisfy your needs but not your greed
Try to plant a seed on your every birthday
Its only you who will enjoy fresh air & a happy stay!

Avoid the emission of carbon-di-oxide, CFC
To reduce ozone depletion you see
Say NO to the use of non-degradable plastics
Put on your hands to make earth organic!

Plant more sampling encourage afforestation
Bring an end to Deforestation, contamination
Drive less, use public conveyance & walk more
A kind deed to help beauty of the earth restore!

After all, earth is our only home
Stand up! Save her before she turns into a tombstone
Realize, earth can live without humans
But humans living without earth, is only an illusion!

This post is written for Poetry Jam for the prompt "How to"- and I made a small attempt  to write on "How to save mother Earth!"