Sunday, 23 November 2014

I, me, myself!

I am that girl with a million insane dreams
With agony, my heart gives a loud scream
A crazy girl who jumps on nature green & rain
Finds a  great joy in blood & every vein!

One who tries, tries my best to stay strong
Even when every single thing is going wrong
With no care, sometimes I stay over cool
But at times I turn into an emotional fool

Many a times, the one who easily gets hurt
Sometimes, I seek no strength I keep inert
One who finds happiness in every little thing
The sunrise, sunset Oh! what a joy it brings!

One who hates lies, cheat & deceit
Loyalty, love & respect, the only I greet
Never jump on wealth, power or money
Instead love, friends & something that's funny!

One who forgives but never forgets
Yell when angry and then regret
For I know, I am no perfect
But people who love me, they always accept!

No matter what people speak, I love myself
Cos, I am always me, myself!

This post is written for Poetry Jam for the prompt "Identity"