Saturday, 1 November 2014

Be yourself!

Why to walk in someone else's shoes
And lead a life of two's of no use?
Why do you hide your best self with a mask?
Only because fools speak behind your back?

Be the best of best who you always wanna be
Not the one who people wanna see!
For every human is perfectly imperfect
Let it be if none accepts your architect

Life is yours it belongs to none but you
Why to walk in a path that doesn't belong to you?
Be comfortable & the best in your own skin
The most beautiful thing that lies within

Why to hide yourself in a closet shelf
Be true to yourself & let the mask expel
One who truely loves you, never see your scars
Instead they love you for what you are!

You own something precious that others don't
Its no better to walk in a crowd when you can alone
Why to fool yourself and walk around
When you are already profound?

Whatever you do, people have something to say
Never care, why do you weigh?
Its your life, be the best each single day
No matter come what may!

Isn't it foolish to follow a nerdy herd
When you can open up your wings as a free bird?
So, sing loud & let your soul sing
Be yourself & let the false face fling!