Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Another ordinary day!

Looking her best in her red bridal wear
Bangles clinked as her small hands joined him to pray
She is neither happy nor sad
She knows no reason for family's glad

Time to bid adieu to her family and depart
A new life, new hopes & dreams yet to start
She is a kid, a child of only twelve,
To marriage, her family had propelled

Ready to spend her life with a sheer stranger
Fate had won, she could do no favor
Neither the tears of joy nor a shy smile,
Stepping into a new world within a while

An opening bud, yet to conquer life
But life had played, she is now someone's wife
While she knew no meaning of marriage,
A single knot had taken her life's joyful carriage

Her marriage was no merry, no gay
For her it was just an usual, another ordinary day!

This post is written for Day 21 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, and Poetry Jam for the prompt "Something Ordinary"