Sunday, 6 July 2014

Rain rain come again

Rain rain come again
Washing away all my pain
Again with you I yearn to dance
I plead, give me a chance

Barren lands are crying
Farmers are mourning
Can't you hear the cry of the earth?
Without you, earth is no more a mirth!

Wanna watch you pouring through my window pane
You wash away all my vain
Feel so complete when I am in rain
Happiness rises in my every vein

Waiting for you, those Crystal pearls from the sky
Welcome rain, come hereby
I love to walk, walk with you
Did you bid me adieu?

Earth is now burning in flames
Neither good food nor grains
Pour from those foggy clouds so grey
We miss those cold halcyon days

Without you, we have become a prey
No more merry and no more gay
 Let the drought stay at bay
Let the grieves & wails sway away!

Calm down the earth with a piece of peace
Let me feel the cold gentle breeze
Let me see those dew drops on flowers & leaves
May you fill every ocean, river & the seas!

Let me feel your petrichor, your essence
For, a  lot many burdens it lessens!
Rain rain come again, I pray
Let all sorrows & mourns wipe away

This post is written for Day 2 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.