Monday, 28 July 2014

How I learn't to cook! :P

My mother is one of the most amazing & ideal person I have ever seen in my life. A perfect daughter, a perfect wife, an amazing mother, a wonderful sister and more of all a perfect woman. And she wants me to be the same, which is seriously a difficult task for a girl like me! :P

She tries real hard to make me like an ideal Indian woman. (If you know what I mean.) She is a typical Indian mom, where most of the times our conversation goes like this:

Morning around 11 a.m after having a stomach full breakfast, I sit with my eyes glued over the lappy browsing or watching a movie. The neighbor aunt comes home. (Aah! Neighbors. There are so many problems in my life & neighbors are one of the biggest :P). They give mom, some sample of delicious food prepared in their home. 
Hell! Along with the food, this Aunt brings some violence to our  peaceful home, I say to myself. Then starts the conversation of typical Indian mom & her daughter:

Mom: See,learn something from her. She is of your age and she knows everything, how to manage the home even if her parents aren't there, she knows to cook, keep the house clean & what not. I too have a daughter, who knows nothing else to do other than sitting in front of idiot lappy & spoiling her eyes. 
Me: Mom! I know to cook. Though I'm not a good cook, at least I am better than my friends :P (Sorry friends :P)
Mom: Is this the way you cook? Cook like this in your mother-in-law's home, they will kick you out of the house.
(Aah. I don't understand the connection between me learning to cook & the mother-in-laws. Whatever mistake I do, my mom asks how will you manage in your in-law's home. )
Me: Mom, cool. I will learn everything. Still there's time.
Mom: You should have a practice of it. You can't learn all of it overnight. While I was in your age, I was a responsible woman. I was married to your dad when I was 18. I knew how to keep home clean, cook & take care of everything.
Me: (Gets angry) Mom. Please! (I can't argue with her because its the truth)
Mom: (Ignoring me, mom continues) I don't know how you will survive in your in-laws home. They question us, is this the way you taught your daughter to cook? We should be blamed for no fault of ours.
Me: Mom! Now, this is enough. (My eyes still glued over handsome Ranbir :P)
Mom: I wish I could bury that lappy. This is the one which is spoiling this generation.
Me: Mom. Why do you yell at my lappy without any reason? Please! Tell me what should I do now.
Mom: There's hell lot of things to do. Throw that lappy away & come to the kitchen. 
(God! Mom is really furious with me!)
Me: (Silently shuts down the lappy making a puppy face)
Mom: I said come right now.(Shouts from the kitchen)
Me: Coming Maa. Shutting down the lappy.
Mom: Dare you touch that lappy until your done with cooking.
Me: (Angry+sad, silently whispers) Ok :(
Mom: Wash and chop all these vegetables finely. I will teach you to prepare bhaji & salad.
Me: Hmm (Can't help! Like a Pomeranian, I get into work)

Actually this is how, I learnt to cook. This is the daily episode of our home during holidays. :P
But thanks to my mom, else I wouldn't have learnt. Now, I am so happy to say I am a better cook! :P If not special dishes, I can at least cook the regular food well! Yay!

The irony is my mom still complains I don't know to cook! :P :D