Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The treasure lies within!

"Go, find your treasure",an unknown voice said
I started soon, a million thoughts in my head
I searched everywhere, I didn't drop
The hunt for treasure never stopped

I looked for it hard, for day & night
But all in vain, there was no delight
After a long try, when I sat with a sigh
An unknown voice echoed, I couldn't spy

"It isn't money, wealth silver or gold
But its something which cannot be sold
Real treasure is without any measure
Something which gives an at most pleasure"

"It isn't something in hands you hold
Neither new or old", the voice told,
"Happiness, power & talents lying deep in your heart
Never worldly, doesn't leave you apart"

"Within you, you need to visit
To quest for inner happiness essence & spirit
Untie your worldly tether
The untapped potential you must endeavor"

True! I thought, my true treasure lies within
Its me a fool, whose hunt must now begin

This post is written for Day 17 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, and Poetry Jam for the prompt "treasure or trash"