Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

"Web page not available. Problem Loading page. Unable to connect to the Internet".
You know how I hate to see this! Yeah! Not once or twice since 3 days, i.e the day I started writing for the UBC (Yeah of course I am late by 6 days) you are showing me the same!! :(

You know na, how much I love you & always wanna be with you. All these days you were working fine right? I have no idea what happened suddenly to you. You see now, I am neither able to write anything on my blog nor browse something nor I can search for the tips to love you more :P. You are killing me! Though I love you, why are you so angry on me? You even make me cry at times! You know, my fingers are tired of hitting ctrl+R. I dunno from where I am getting so much of energy, I hit it so hard! (Sorry ‘Ctrl’ and ‘R’!) :P

You are so much slow that sending snail mail is faster than an email!
I guess meeting a person personally is much faster than sending the message. I have become the angriest bird ever you see!

See, you are the one of the most important reason I am gonna be an Engineer in few more years! :P You are the reason I surviving today. You are one of those reasons I am in touch with my old school buddies, making new friends, my better writing, my ‘BLOG’ & the knowledge whatever I have gained today. Since morning till the end of the day I need you. Though I love you , why are you troubling me so much? I am experiencing horrible days without you! You are someone without whom I can’t live! :(

You know na, I need you almost everyday at least for 20 min to check my mails, messages, upload my writings on blog, other websites, download relevant pics, etc. You are the one who is responsible for my assignments, projects, exams! :P  As I have vacations now, I need you much - at least for 3 to 4 hours. The only days I live without you is when I am off to my granny's home because, I know you don't like to visit small villages! :( :P Ok. Now I am sorry if I have done something wrong to you :P Please! Start working as before! Love you. Don't make me more sad :(

Oh! my lovely Internet
No more make me upset
Please start working
Without you, its really frustrating!

Just be with me, for few hours
With all your strength & powers
Days without you are damn boring
I hate it! I sit here crying!

Come to me soon again
Without you, days are vain!
No more your ‘Sad Sorry’ screen
Wish to see you soon in scene!

Love you now and always. Waiting for you. Come soon.
Yours lovingly,
:* :P

This post is written for Day 4 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.