Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy Days Day 11-20

          1. "Keep listening to the music, cause it gets you through everything, I promise." - Mitch Lucker.
Yeah! I guess he is right.When I am listening to the songs, I am carried away to my dream world! :)

2. The evening cold breeze. How I love to be with Nature! :)

3.Wrote a poem after a long time, nearly after a month.  After going through a long phase of writer’s block! How happy I was! :D

4. Learnt to sing a song :) I sing for myself, though I am not that good at it :P Happy, I could learn it so easily! :D

5. Almost the whole day, I was with my friend. And guess what? Aunt had prepared my favorite food! Yay! Enjoyed a lot J

6. Everyone at home, loved the food I cooked. My mom, dad & sis were happy with it. So, I was more happy than them J. This doesn't happen always you see!
Chapati with bhindi bhaji :P

.   7.  Happy to read all my old diaries. I came across my old pics.The pics of my school picnics, the prizes I won, Annual day, teacher’s day etc.. I was so happy to see them. :D. I was taken back to those good old days again. The best days of my life.
8. Happy to see my room neat & clean. My sis had cleaned it, which happens rarely you see! :P

     9. Yippee! My internet started working again. I was fed up of slow Internet for 3-4 days. I seriously hate slow internet. It kills me. Anyway, Finally I got it back. Wanna know how I convinced him? Read it here..

 10. Season of jack fruits! How I love to have them  :D