Friday, 11 July 2014

Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

Yippeee! :) :D

Finally you are back! I am so happy today. I knew you would read my letter & come back to me soon!:P After troubling me a lot finally you did listen and came back to me. Right? Initially I requested you, convinced you sweetly, I also waited patiently for 4 days. But when there was no sign of  your response, all I could do was complaint your boss! See, you listened to them! :P Whatever, please don't be mad at me again. Never.

I told you, I can't survive without you.  You are the reason behind this blog, my writings & everything. You are the reason I am still in touch with my old playmates, my school pals, my new friends and far off relatives. See, you are the reason behind each & everything!

And most importantly we have still got a lot many things to be done!  My projects!  Right from finding out the problem statement to implementation, you have got to do everything. You have got to do work day & nights! I can’t use the word ‘we’ since my part is very very negligible:P it doesn't even compute 10 % of yours! The credit of my projects, assignments & very importantly the B.E degree which I will be holding in few more years goes to you & only you!

Days without you are boring & the days you come to me like a snail are damn frustrating! It kills me. You know how I hate it Now, please don't trouble me or leave me again at least when I need you the most!

See, I couldn't even post here yesterday because of you! :( 
Missed you for past 4 days. Never leave me again. Please!
I love you! J :P :P

Your's lovingly,

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This post is written for Day 7 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.