Saturday, 19 July 2014

Five things that zest up my life!

Walk with Nature:

May be the early morning or the evening cold breeze, the early tweet and chirp of the birds, the dew drops mesmerizing the blossoms & the leaves uplifts my soul.
And the rains? Do you even ask about it? I love rain! I don't understand why people hide themselves under umbrellas or quest for the nearest shelter when God has decided to bestow His blessings of bliss on us. Yes! I am the one who opens my arms and enjoy the rain collecting the hail stones (if any). Aah! Getting drenched in rain is a heavenly feeling! Trust me, there's no other great joy than enjoying & playing out in the rain, forgetting all your pains. The fragrance of the wet soil after rains, how I love it!
Watching the shimmering stars, counting them, feeling the cold whisper of the breeze over a moon- lit night, OMG! that zests me up. In short, I love to be with nature. I wish I had a small home or hut among the fields and lawns!

Reading old diaries:

The second thing that zests me up is recalling the sweet old memories. Of course, past is not a place to stay, but its surely a place to visit. Yes! I have the habit of writing diary since my school days. More than diary, its like my memory book. It knows my deepest secrets. Reading those diaries, I feel how innocent I was as a child! :P I feel so happy when I recall my most happiest moments, my silly fantasies, my stupid dreams, funny incidents & my sweet secret crushes! :P
The pics of my school picnics, Annual Day celebration at school, the prizes I won, Teachers' day , Children's day & the farewell. I love reading them once in a while. They make me smile, laugh until my stomach pains & giggle at my own silliness. Recalling those sweet memories gives me an abundant happiness.  Currently, I am writing a diary online. I am sure one day, when I grow old today's entries will again make me smile tomorrow! :D

Writing Poems: 

I am not much to writing stories, rants or articles. The one very close to my heart is poems! Writing poems has always been my passion. I started writing since class 11. Since then my world has become full of words.
Writing is the only way to express my thoughts, desires, dreams, fantasies, my joys and sorrows. Sometimes when there's none for me to share my pain, I share it with my ink. That's why I say, my ink speaks. There are poems which I have written during midnight hours. People say writing is difficult. But no. Obviously not as difficult as not writing. Without my poetry, I am incomplete.
When people read my poems & give me a feedback, I am on cloud nine. What more can I ask in life for? Readers feedback and their appreciation boosts me and encourage me to write more.


The next thing that zests me up is movies. Watching movies is one of my favorite pass-time. I must watch at least one movie a week, else I can't stay alive! :P There are days, where I watch 3-4 movies a day! When it comes to Bollywood, old romantic movies are my favorite and Hollywood, science- fiction. I am  stepped to a different world. There are days where I stay awake all night only to watch movies :P I usually don't visit theaters, hence when I get a movie in my hand I am not satisfied until I finish watching them :P 


I love holidays. Yes! When, I get a holiday I am a bird, free from its cage. Its only during holidays, I get my life back. I am re-born again with a break from my daily monotony. In fact, I am more busy in holidays than regular days. :P I get a lot of time to concentrate on my personal life. Its only during holidays, I get more time for my blog, reading books, movies, music, visiting friends, hanging out and many more activities. Trust me, its the most precious time for my creativity. It brings a new kind of energy & zest in me! :D

Actually, there are many more things in my life, that zests me up. Choosing only five, wasn't any easy task! 

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